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    Personal Branding Weekly – Moving from We to Me

    Personal Branding Weekly

    From working with a career coach to great email etiquette techniques, last week’s Personal Branding Blog posts focused on  being authentic, building a brand and even reviewing the political landscape and personal brandings.

    Here’s the articles you might have missed:

    Cool, Clever Trends Help Personal Branding! by Deborah Shane If I Were…
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    5 Reasons Your Resume Is Killing You

    In today’s economy, employers are receiving hundreds or even thousands of resumes every single day. One hiring manager for a Fortune 500 company told me that he recently received over 12,000 resumes for one position!

    Hiring managers will not take the time to determine why you should be hired. It’s your job to present your …

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    Do You Handle Rejection or Does It Handle You?

    Dealing with rejection is a major bummer.

    Whether it is from a date, a client or a job posting, rejection tends to bring up the worst kind of questions in ourselves: the plague of self-doubt.

    “Was it me? Am I good enough? Of course I’m not good enough. I knew this would happen!”

    And before …

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    A Career Coach: The Catalyst for Your Success!

     “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches 
but to reveal to him his own.”
 – Benjamin Disraeli

    Hiring a coach is a smart move if you’re seeking meaningful direction or advancement in your career. Coaches can be instrumental in helping their clients build on their strengths, overcome …

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    5 Rules of Thumb for Proper E-mail E-tiquette

    I’m currently recruiting for several positions, so I’ve been receiving tons of e-mails from job seekers applying for our open jobs.  It was while going through these submissions that I got the inspiration for this post.  One of the messages I received was a very brief e-mail with a resume attached.  The e-mail simply stated …

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    Five Personal Branding Tips for Musicians

    Some of the best and worst personal branding practitioners I know are musicians. The good ones promote the bejeezus out of themselves everywhere and anywhere they can. The bad ones book a gig, post something to Facebook (maybe), send a few posters to the venue, and leave it at that.

    Here are five personal branding …

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    Personal Branding Redemption

    My job as an online reputation manager has brought me face to face with many high and low profile individuals living some of the most difficult, testing and trying times of their lives as they found themselves in the eye of the storm in reputation crises that threatened to derail their careers. When thousands of …

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    I Need Your Help: Sharing a Personal Branding Struggle

    Personal branding reader, I could really use your help.

    It’s always easier to dole out advice to other people, but, as I’m sure you can attest, applying personal branding words of wisdom to your own big plans can be messy, soul-searching work. Seeing yourself through the eyes of a colleague or client almost needs to …

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    Be Authentic – To a Point

    The other day, I was at an event where the speaker was advising attendees about the power of authenticity. During the Q&A, one of the audience members raised her hand and asked about how much authenticity the speaker advised. As the audience member explained, she was just beginning a career as a freelance copywriter, but …

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    When it’s ‘Safe’ to Say, ‘Hey, Boss, I’m Looking!’

    Editor’s Note: This blog is a modified excerpt from professional “headhunter” and bestselling job-hunting book author Skip Freeman’s next book in the “Headhunter” Hiring Secrets series of job-hunting books, Career Stalled? Publication is scheduled for late fall.

    At what point during her new job search do you suppose Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo, …

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