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    Learning from Henry Ford | Productivity Tips for Personal Branding

    Unlike most individuals interested in building their personal brands in today’s world, Henry Ford didn’t reinvent the wheel every time he produced a car.

    Rather, Henry Ford created an efficient system, or process, for building and selling cars.

    Once he perfected the system, he was able to refine and fine-tune the process until his established …

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    Giant Lessons to Achieve Goals

    Admittedly I am not an avid sports fan, however, I do enjoy watching the best of the best. So during the first two games of the World Series, I sat with my husband watching the Giants rise to victory.

    What does this have to do with business? Everything. Sports models the finest principles of entrepreneurship. …

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    Taking A Career Leap: Lessons From The Space Jumper

    Let’s face it: Taking a career leap can be a scary time. You’re jumping into the unknown — whether that’s a first job, career change, huge promotion, or new venture. But it’s good to know that getting to the edge isn’t always a bad thing.

    Take Felix Baumgartner, for example. The Austrian daredevil has created …

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    The Only Reason To Create a Personal Brand

    The purpose of personal branding is to ATTRACT what you want from others, without the stress of selling, sending out dozens of ignored resumes or begging investors to fund your venture.

    In other words, the only reason to create a personal brand is to help people who HAVE the things you want, enjoy the privilege …

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    Branding Yourself As Perfect For A Specific Opportunity

    Does your resume brand you as a strong candidate for a range of opportunities?

    It does for most of you, because that’s how we all were taught how to write resumes, creating a single document that would interest employers for a range of opportunities.

    The problem is, you think this is a good thing.

    … …

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    What It Takes to Start a Company

    There are 2 skills that will always be needed:

    The ability to build a product The ability to sell a product or service

    If you have one of these skills, then you’ll always be able to find a job.  Similarly, if you have one of these skills, then you’ll always have a place at a …

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    How to Fight Age Discrimination

    Being out of work is hard, being unemployed and in your 50’s can be impossible. While companies won’t admit it, age discrimination does exist, particularly in a tight job market where there are many more candidates than job openings. Although the problem crosses both genders, older women reentering the job market can have an even …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Pushing Your Brand to Feed

    Personal Branding Weekly

    Editor’s  Note:  Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com and debuted her first guest post this week. We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with her and her team.

    Have you read this week’s posts yet?  Please do and share which ones were your personal favorites.

     6 Reasons Why…
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    What A Massive Pimple Can Teach You About Resumes

    Imagine that you have a big first date tomorrow night.  You’ve been excited but nervous about this date for the last week. The person you are going out with is HOT and you want to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, you woke up today with a massive pimple on your forehead. Hey, zit happens.…

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    Answering The Question Behind The Question

    Have you ever been asked a question that is really asking something else.

    The answer is YES!

    We all have. In fact, we both ask and answer questions every single day that are really addressing something else.

    A wife might ask her husband if she looks nice… when really, what she wants to know is …

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