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    The Power of the Pen

    Do you write thank you notes?

    Do you write them by hand or do you type them?

    If you receive a hand written note do you hold the sender in a level of higher esteem? Do you feel it says something about the sender?

    There is a lot to be said for a good old …

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    Be Your Own Brand, Not Your Generation’s

    Whether or not you’ve heard the term Millennial or Gen Y, you’ve probably heard a few of the stereotypes associated with your generation (those born approximately 1982-1995), such as lazy, entitled or too tech focused.

    As Millennials enter the workforce at a rapid pace, it is important that young workers not only recognize that these …

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    Your Chance to Get On-Camera Training. Literally.

    Interactive video is the new frontier for getting yourself, your expertise, and your personal brand out there. So I’d like to invite you to be an early adopter and get your on-camera skills sharpened by joining me online: I’m holding a limited number of free on-camera workshops on the live video platform Spreecast.

    What will…
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    Know Thyself First, then Create Your Personal Brand

    When you think about this whole personal branding thing, I imagine so many people struggle with it simply because they’re already in some sort of identity crisis. If you don’t know who you are, how can you define your brand and convey it to others?

    I was thinking about all of the soon-to-be and recent …

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    A Classic Example of How NOT to Resign!

    As I have pointed out in “Headhunter” Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever!, as well as in numerous other forums (including previous blogs on this site), when the time comes to leave your current job, for whatever reason(s), there clearly is a right way to resign, i.e., …

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    Use Your Personal Brand, Find the Job

    Typically, when job seekers embark upon their job search, they’ll focus on the resume. A logical first step, right? Not really.

    It is true that you do need a resume for networking and applying to jobs. But a truly powerful and effective job search is a by-product of understanding how to successfully market and promote …

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    What Hiring Managers Want In A Good Job Candidate

    Even in a tight job market, hiring managers are having a tough time finding the right candidates.

    According to the Career Advisory Board’s 2012 Job Preparedness Indicator, only 17% of the 516 hiring managers polled said job seekers possess the skills the companies are actually looking for.

    “Despite a poor job market there are all …

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    Practical Online Writing Tips for Personal Branding Success

    [Sponsored Post: Viewbix helps SMBs, entrepreneurs and bloggers convert video viewers into customers. Viewbix makes ordinary videos instantly interactive with the integration of apps and sharing capabilities that engage viewers and present them with immediate calls-to-action for significantly increased reach and return on investment.]

    The second edition of Ginny Redish’s Letting Go of the Words …

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    5 Ways to Turn Around a Bad First Impression

    We’ve all heard it before — first impressions mean everything. But, what about that moment when you blow your first impression? What now? Is your relationship with the hiring manager, your boss, or the client doomed?

    Don’t worry — there are ways to turn around most situations in life, and turning around a bad first …

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    How To Get A Mentor

    The first mistake most people make when seeking out a mentor is asking a role model to take on that responsibility. Mentoring is an enormous chore. Don’t underrate the undertaking of it. You are asking someone to take a personal interest in your development.

    It reminds me of a first kiss. At least, that’s when …

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