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    Three Branding Tips from Strong Communicators

    Credibility in content is becoming an increasing demand from the public. It is no longer just respected media outlets that are expected to provide accurate, timely and researched materials; every company must release communication that speaks to the consumer demand for more than just fluff. People are more aware of the material they consume, especially …

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    2013 Job Market Fast Becoming Candidate-Driven

    For those of you who have branded yourselves as being—and are perceived as being—among the TOP performers in your profession, there is some GREAT news! The 2013 job market for you is fast becoming candidate-driven. That means that you now will have more and better choices: Multiple job offers, greater salary leverage and more lucrative …

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    How 30 Superachievers Built Their Personal Brands

    The Art of Doing, by Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield, is for you if you’re looking for examples and tips for building your personal brand by becoming a superachiever in your field.

    The Art of Doing also offers you an excellent template for writing a book to build your personal brand, if your goal is …

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    Marketing Techniques to Grow Attention and Sales

    1. Create a unique title

    Have you given thought to your title or is it time for an update?

    Upon hearing the title, “Director of First Impressions” my attention was immediately grabbed as I cheerfully recognized the title replaced the traditional and boring word, “Receptionist”.

    The clever title captures a few important ideas and tips …

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    The Importance of Honesty in Your Personal Brand

    Honesty is the most essential ingredient when it comes to creating your personal brand. In fact, it’s highly unlikely you will find long-term success if your brand is anything less than honest.

    In the light of recent long-term dishonesty displayed in Lance Armstrong doping scandal, individuals everywhere should be quickly assessing the overall integrity and …

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    5 Conversation Habits that Ruin Your Personal Brand

    There’s one type of communication you engage in more often than any other. It’s conversation. You are in conversation – online or on-ground – more frequently than you get opportunities to deliver presentations, webinars or otherwise engage with people in a more formal or structured setting.

    While there are many presentation skills courses (including the …

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    Be The Most Interesting Person In The World

    Since we were children, we’ve been taught to be humble.

    Even at work, we’ve been taught to ask about others rather than talk about ourselves.

    Religion calls talking about ourselves as pride and many religions consider it a sin.

    It’s no wonder we have a tough time making ourselves look interesting when searching for a …

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    The Benefits of E-Learning for Career Development

    [Sponsored Post: Cornerstone on Demand delivers comprehensive cost-effective e-learning and collaborative training strategies suitable for all businesses, incorporating content management solutions, virtual classrooms, ILT and management certification.]

    Learning is an integral part of the workplace. It happens on a daily basis, informally and socially, as connections are made both in and outside of the workplace …

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    5 Considerations Before Accepting the Job (Besides Salary!)

    When deciding whether or not to accept a job offer, it’s important to look at more than just dollars and cents. Money is important, and we all obviously want as much as possible, but a job can and should bring with it many other benefits that matter to us, sometimes, more than money.

    If you’ve …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Owning Your Social Proof


    Editor’s Note:  It’s been a whirlwind of travel and providing workshop training to groups who are ready to embrace that their business brand is authentically represented by the personal brands that embody their brand. 

    Travel time provides a great time for me to catch up on reading. Did you have a chance …

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