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    Making Sense of All the Recent Changes on LinkedIn

    If LinkedIn is an important part of establishing and maintaining your professional image, your professional brand—and it definitely should be!—then you may be among the millions of people on LinkedIn who, because of some significant changes recently made by the site, are confused, confounded, and, yes, perhaps even a little bit angry!

    Some of LinkedIn’s …

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    How to Build a Powerful Resume

    Though the majority of the career world raves about video resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and personal blogs for the use of recruitment, the truth is that resumes are still a necessity for the majority of job positions. If you’re experienced and are going after a position at an early-stage tech startup, then perhaps you can get …

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    Keep Your Brand Name Intact When a Reporter Calls

    What is your #1 tip for a nervous entrepreneur about to talk to a reporter for the first time?

    The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program …

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    Tips for Personal Brand Building Success with SlideShare

    SlideShare offers numerous opportunities for enhanced personal and corporate brand building.

    SlideShare offers an efficient way for authors, individuals, and self-employed professionals to build their personal brand in a search engine and social media-optimized environment.

    Authors, job hunters, and self-employed professionals can post PowerPoint presentations online, where they can attract viewers, enhance your online presence, …

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    How to Become the Preferred Vendor

    Work to serve your clients

    There is nothing magical about the answer but there are a number of steps to adhere to so that your clientele knows you have their best interests in mind. The principal is key to building business but unfortunately most often these steps are ignored.

    Take the time on appointments and …

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    Preserving Your Personal Brand During A Power Outage

    When it comes to managing your personal brand, preparation is key. Preparation in terms of your personal brand can take all forms, but considering worst-case scenarios should take precedence. While no one enjoys thinking about the “what if’s” of potential negativity and brand failure–bumps in the road are often inevitable.

    During this year’s Super Bowl, …

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    Personal Brands: What Does Complaining Cost You?

    Jack is a contract worker in one of my companies. Not a day has gone by in the last three months where I haven’t heard him complain.

    Jack is tall, muscular with a deep voice and almost shocking good looks a la George Clooney. Jack’s a personal trainer. We’re out in sunny Southern California, in …

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    Obsolete Information Brands Job Seekers As Obsolete

    Could one of your job search problems be that you’re using obsolete information?

    How do you think obsolete job search information causes you to brand yourself on your resume and during an interview?

    When you use obsolete information in your job research, you focus on keywords, employer issues and employer problems that aren’t problems anymore …

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    You are a Company, Even as a Job Seeker

    Here you are, trying to get a job. You knock on a door of yet another company you are interested in. You hope they open that door. You hope you are good enough for them to invite you in. You hope they pick you from the crowd that gathered around this opportunity. The process is …

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    Personal Branding Weekly and Your Visibility


    Editor’s Note: This week there’s some great advice on modifying a position before you leave it; how to ruin your brand as a sales professional; the power of “we” to your personal brand and even the power of a SNL skit to your personal brand.  


    6 Fundamentals Helped Me Celebrate 6…
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