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  • A Cup of Coffee to Branding within Your Brand

    If you have a sales team – even a small one, you’ll want to pay attention to their brands within your brand.

    Your customers are no longer buying from your company – they’re buying from your sales executives. Today, your sales reps’ relationships and reputations are the lifeblood of your bottom line.

    But just having quality sales reps with excellent product knowledge and great reputations isn’t enough. Cold calling reaps a measly estimated 5% close rate. Many companies spend top dollar for lists, and lead generating/lead qualifying companies, only to have those leads squandered when the sales rep tries to make an introduction with an outdated, generic email.

    Standing out

    Put yourself in your prospective customers’ shoes – how often do you discard an email from an unknown salesperson asking for an appointment to “listen to your needs” and “hear about how your current solution is working for you”? I’m betting daily.

    Even if that generic email leads to an initial meeting, what is going to make your representative stand out from the competition? How will your prospective customer see your sales rep in a different light than your competitor’s sales rep – who, by the way, may be walking into the prospect’s building right now, doughnuts in hand?

    I wrote Sales Force Branding: Differentiate from the Competition to answer these questions.

    The brief eBook is packed with practical advice on how to differentiate sales executives from the competition in order to close more deals. Readers will learn how to create sales reps who are seen as industry experts with a killer online presence, cutting edge personal customer communication tools, and valuable information that prospects can’t live without.

    If you’d like to read more, click here.

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    Wendy Brache builds and executes personal branding and online marketing strategy for executives and corporations in the high-tech sector. She is the author of Sales Force Branding: Differentiate from the Competition, and co-creator of the Sales Force Branding program.  Wendy is a senior consultant specializing in B2B Corporate Social Media, Demand Generation and Marketing Automation, and is also a featured marketing technology speaker and columnist on renowned websites, such as Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference, Chopra’s Intent.com and Denver’s GreatIdeasForKids.com.

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