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    How to Negotiate the Job Offer

    You wanted this job so bad, and finally the offer arrived. The adrenaline is flowing freely, and you feel like sharing the good news with the entire world—certainly with those who contributed to your win. But is this job a really good deal? Could you have gotten a better deal if you only knew how?…

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    Why Your LinkedIn Profile Is More Important Than Résumé

    Yes, your LinkedIn profile is more important than your resume!  Do I shock you with this declaration? Think again. Your résumé is typically being sent to individuals, to recruiters, or as a job application, which has limited exposure. Yet your LinkedIn profile is open to literally the entire world around the clock. Moreover, as I …

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    How to Get That Personal Chemistry for Interviews

    It’s probably happened to you a hundred times: you go to a major store, hoping to find that specific item you’re after, and you have to walk away disappointed. Either the item was not available or, most likely, you were looking for something uncommon or unusual that the store didn’t have. Such a scenario often …

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    Interested In a New Job?

    The title of this article applies both to those who already have jobs and to others who vie for jobs. So, let’s think first about what it takes to hold on to a job versus getting a new one. At least three conditions must be met for holding on to a job: (1) You must …

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    4 Best Steps to Your Dream Job

    Image Credit – CountWise

    No one needs to reiterate that today’s is a difficult job market and that regrettably, many people are looking for jobs for extended amounts of time—sometimes for years! As a career coach, I often work with such people, and I notice that they have things in common:

    None of them have…
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    6 Logical Tips to Finding a Job

    It would be interesting to review a few perceptions that job seekers have on issues stemming from feelings rather than from logic. Such perceptions are based more on gut feelings rather than thinking. Examples follow.

    The interview is about me.

    People feel good when asked to come in and interview, because they think the interview …

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    How Social Media Can Help People In Transition

    There’s no newspaper or magazine nowadays that does not devote some space to the fast-developing new phenomenon called social media. My explanation for this is very simple: Let’s say you invite some people for a social gathering to take place in your house. Among the dozen or so you host will be some who are …

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    How Long Should Your Interview Answer Be?

    I’m not sure whether you’re like me. I’ve stopped reading! I read no more. I skim and browse and hover over the surface of words, and when I find something interesting, only then do I dig in and absorb the content. Nowadays, because of ubiquitous electronic media, you can immediately suffocate from constant immersion in …

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    13 Interview Tips to Land That Job

    Interviewing for a position is tough. Many are called, but few are chosen. Following are some basic job interview facts and considerations you should keep in mind as you prepare for your next interview:

    1) According to Albert Mehrabian, UCLA professor emeritus of psychology, 55% of communication has to do with body language. Therefore it …

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    How to Strategize Job Searching Like Chess Playing

    Job searching is very similar to playing a game of chess. Both activities have a significant element of strategy. But first, let’s agree about the word strategy. A simple definition found in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, which says, “the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal.” And indeed, the job seeker has a …

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