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    Moving from no communication to harmonious relationship


    You might have just landed a new and exciting client. Putting your best foot forward is essential for building a long lasting relationship.

    But sometimes, although your best was delivered, the communication seems to die. It completely ruins your day and sometimes even an entire week. It’s not worthwhile to allow this to happen because …

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    Ride the Wave of Poor Experience to New Possibility


    The attitude of forging past obstacles is what sets the successful apart. It is the rare individual who never makes a poor choice or who enjoys good experiences 100% of the time. For the rest of us, we need an improved mindset for moving forward and getting past those events that bring us down.

    Time …

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    Remember Connect and Grow Possibilities


    Frequently, when you are relaxed and away from the computer, the names of people will come to mind. A great habit to acquire is to jot down those names in a safe place for easy recall when you return to your desk. With a list in place, reach out one by one, to extend a …

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    6 Tips for Connecting Well Online


    As time passes, and comfort increases with being online, it’s good to expand your expertise by attempting new strategy. Upon willing to take a risk “to see what happens” you just might be pleasantly surprised. And in the process the reward is likely to be meeting remarkable people. Even better, as confidence increase, you may …

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    Travel Observations to Ponder for Business


    A long awaited two-day outing, away from the computer, finally arrived. I had the opportunity to observe life in New York in its many forms.

    1. Your personal brand remains with you for the long-term

    All of your unique traits including how you serve others defines you and your personal brand. The question is how …

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    When curve balls are thrown at you seize control


    Almost always there exists a way around troublesome situations, and it’s up to us to take action. But before hasty actions are taken, pause to consider the options.

    Confer with your better friends as to how they might handle similar situations. Over time, make it a habit to take the time to frequently update one …

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    Are People Talking About You?


    In the every day social scene, poor connotations arise when we heard of “people talking about us”. However, in today’s highly networked society, it has become a good thing. When people talk about us in the right regard, it becomes a gold star in terms of having developed a strong personal brand.

    In terms of …

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    Critique pinpoints where you need to next head


    Hearing criticism of your proud moment is the worst critique of all, and it is also embarrassing to be reprimanded for an error in front of an entire group. But, with a positive mindset, it is wise to reflect upon those very remarks to truly hear what is being said.

    Sometimes it is the most …

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    How to Recognize You are on The Right Path


    Beginning a new business is one of the most intimidating adventures of a lifetime, particularly when you suddenly realize that you are solely dependent upon yourself. Fear enters the picture, and promptly invites panic to join in.

    But it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, the experience can and should be highly rewarding …

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    Adapt Sales Strategy to Your Style to Improve Results


    The luckier salespeople are provided with decent sales training, but there is always room for improvement. Many trainers insist on memorizing scripts and practicing role-play. The problem with this is that the salespeople who excel are anything but average, but this type of training is for the average person. So it only serves to frustrate …

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