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    Convert Routine into New Thought for Improved Results


    Entrepreneurs are frequently advised to put segments of business on auto-pilot so they may focus on the areas that will be more likely to increase revenue. This is great advice up to a point, but then, the benefit dwindles into a loss. Today’s example is of Twitter automation.

    Twitter automation

    We can all agree that …

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    Package Business, Joy, and Community


    Those driven to excel in their original endeavor find that they need to undertake much complementary education to obtain a broader perspective. Ultimately they are able to provide more insightful help to their clientele and communities.

    However, it is most likely that the original idea is what the successful enjoy doing most or what holds …

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    How to Achieve More


    It never fails, when one important project is at hand, several more appear at the same time. The problem becomes how to keep your promise of finishing all of it in a timely manner. Soon the question becomes a quandary because there just doesn’t appear to be enough hours in the day.

    – Habits of …

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    Sell Your Value Gain Respect


    Are you obtaining your worth in fees and services provided?


    In order to reach your ultimate vision, it is necessary to know where your strengths and weaknesses reside.   The painful piece is to focus on strengthening those weak areas.  And it may require further education in terms of self-study or hiring someone to mentor …

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    “No” leads to “Yes!”


    Most professional salespeople freeze when they hear the word, “no”, let alone those seeking to advance their career or trying to build their entrepreneurship.  The next time you unexpectedly hear the word “no”, heed this age-old wisdom: “Stop, look, and listen” and then re-negotiate.


    Quickly gain composure and strive to comprehend what was just said. …

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    Buddha Philosophy Creates Strategic Plan


    Admittedly, I have not studied Buddha but have heard words of wisdom expressed over the years that allude to the philosophy. To begin and appropriately so, patience and open-mindedness are indeed the key to strategic planning.

    It’s the holiday season proclaiming joy and happiness to all. But joy and happiness just like stress and close-mindedness …

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    3 Variables to Implement and Succeed


    Upon hearing the question, how quickly will someone make money after experiencing your programs I was stunned. How could that possibly be quantifiable regardless of whose service it might be?

    Numerous possibilities play into the final answer. The following insights are worthy of serious consideration for anyone wanting to make their mark in business world.…

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    Trial and Error Leads to Improved Path 


    We are now closing in on year-end and fast approaching the New Year.  Take time to seriously ponder and discover the best lessons learned over the past year.

    Questions for consideration: Which lessons have you learned this year that have made a significant change in your business? Which strategies proved most successful that you might …

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    Plan B Including a Facelift Produces Improved Business

    Plan B photo from Shutterstock

    Two particular types of personalities exist when it comes to solving problems that are 180 degrees apart. The first examines all angles of a topic to be as close to 100% certain the “something” will work correctly the first time around. The second type of personality learns by trial and error requiring risk and flexibility.  Their …

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    Drudge Work Necessary to Prevail

    Boring Work photo from Shuttestock

    There is always “something” in everyone’s have-to-do list that resembles dreaded drudge work. We drag our feet knowing it needs to be done, but it just isn’t the type of work we prefer to do and so we push it off for yet another time.

    The better route is to master taking care of whatever …

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