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    Sales Thought Creates Fluid Goal Achievement


    Goals affect all aspects of life. Without them, very little is accomplished. Most people do not realize that anything you desire may be considered a goal. More importantly, sales thought creates fluid goal achievement.

    Focused work has others exclaim you are the lucky one!


    It was recently suggested in a class that attendees test …

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    Why Some People Fail to See Desired Results


    Sitting in the buyer seat becomes the all-time best sales training ground.  You will instantly recognize why sales falter as well as fail.

    3 Major Errors


    Many service providers will cheerfully set a date and time with you to schedule service. You set everything aside to welcome the technician into your home or meet …

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    Perseverance IS the Key to Success


    Perseverance is the key to success in any endeavor. Particularly when things do not play out as anticipated, we need to be vigilant and try again. There are a number of ways to lighten the burden and increase the odds for being successful.

    Perseverance ~ Try, Learn from Poor Outcomes, Try Again

    Today, there are …

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    Meet Fear Head On to Reach Your Peak


    Not everyone was born to take risk. But sometimes circumstance calls upon us to do so. When a once in a lifetime opportunity is presented, we have to say “Yes!” or the regret of not having done so will remain. Make it a habit to accept and quietly go get help to boost confidence.  This …

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    Personal Yet Professional Conversation Creates Improves Meeting Results


    As an entrepreneur or salesperson, it is up to you to have a flexible agenda in place prior to any type of meeting. At the start of the serious portion of each meeting, let it be known what you would like to accomplish by the conclusion of your time spent. Then ask participants for their …

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    3 Qualities to Embrace to Improve Results


    The desire to improve results is alive for most people. It’s the only way in which we and our business grow. The three qualities listed below may sound simple enough, but the implications and detail are what will make the difference.

    To be brief, the three qualities to be given serious consideration are:

    Flexibility Insightfulness…
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    How You Engage Will Influence Your Results


    The way in which we communicate affects all areas of our life. It is the basis for others to determine your sincerity and if they believe you may be trusted. It becomes the test for whether one should proceed in developing solid relationships with you on either a personal or business matter.

    Observed Communication:

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    The Downside of Leadership and How to Inject Success


    The worst part of holding creative thought, and being ahead of the curve, is when no one understands what it is you are trying to accomplish. Soon the same people will try to talk you into giving up. Frustration takes hold with the occasional fleeting thought of quitting.

    Your future depends upon you; take control …

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    Is Your Daily Routine Killing Motivation?


    A long list of have-to-do’s both personally and professionally, day in and day out, tends to dampen motivation. The second factor involved is your comfort level. Being comfortable prevents many from taking a leap forward. The question then becomes whether you are truly content and happy with where you are at, or deep down, do …

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    Is It Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone?


    Being of strong mind with determination to succeed will land you improved opportunities. The same will get you in the door of the companies to which you wish to sell as well as in front of the higher level people with whom to connect online.

    As far as business development is concerned, it is important …

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