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    Unlock The Key to Successful Social Selling


    Everyone in business wonders why sales can be so complex. A simpler and more-straight forward solution is almost always sought. In fact, the new buzz words are “sales enablement”.

    The term, sales enablement, can mean so many different things. For example, open communication among departments will significantly contribute to sales enablement. When marketing, sales and …

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    Are You Prepared to Make the Bold Leap?


    During the course of our business, we sometimes see an improved path. But change is scary for many. The question becomes, will the benefit of taking the leap of faith be worthwhile?

    Should a recurring thought of “what if…” visit you on occasion, perhaps it’s time to give it a try. Most often it is …

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    Use these Strategies to Bypass Gatekeepers


    Finding acceptable ways to get around gatekeepers is a hot topic for both salespeople and entrepreneurs. Saddled with the need to continually contact new prospective clients only to not be able to get through is highly frustrating. It takes time away from meeting with clients and implementing sales.

    Even with diplomacy, the common experience is …

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    Are You Unknowingly Turning Off Clientele?


    Most everyone in business desires more clients. Corporate salespeople not only wish to keep their job but also strive toward earning the bonuses at the end of the year. Entrepreneurs diligently work to establish a strong presence and a desire for their services in the marketplace.

    With these goals in mind, many salespeople and entrepreneurs …

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    Your Better Qualified Connections Are Key for Success


    Professional sales taught me strategic lessons for life.

    The most important lesson is that above all sound relationships come first. The best outcome is to blend personal and professional relationships by becoming a friend to your prospective audience and clientele. It is seen as you striving to do your best on their behalf. While it …

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    How to Improve the Sales Experience


    Entrepreneurship and sales have one common element and that is uncertainty. When the uncertainty hits, so do self-doubt and anxiety. The downward spiral is very tough to deal with unless it is understood and dealt with properly.

    When anxiety or fear hit, recognize the cause to take swift action and move past.

    Sales Mindset

    Courage …

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    Opposites Attract and Provide Valuable Insight for New Ideas


    A very good business practice is to ask opinions of those who tend to think quite differently. This is particularly so for when a new idea comes to life but you want to make sure there aren’t any gaps in the plan.

    Opposing Opinions

    For example, those who are creative versus those more technical in …

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    Focus and Belief Lead to Dreams Coming True


    Do you sometimes wish you had an extra 24 hours to complete all of your projects?

    Every four years we experience an extra day in the year. For those with the entrepreneurial mindset, the day is a gift on many levels. A small percentage of the population use this day and most others to allow …

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    How to Build Out the Sale and A Loyal Clientele


    Paying respect to clients is something that is not normally done. The strategy is comprised of simple acts of kindness, but not everyone thinks to do this. Your added thoughtfulness becomes a classy differentiator for building your personal brand.

    By treating clients with respect they reciprocate in kind by making business highly rewarding.

    Let’s Have …

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    Drive Improved Results with Communication Strategy


    Communication is delivered in many forms and we are all dependent upon them. To sell your ideas and your services well, it is essential you continue to learn the better strategies available.

    Asking questions to gain added insight is your competitive advantage.

    Client Story + Yours = 2/3 of the Story

    Why is this the …

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