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    Are People Talking About You?


    In the every day social scene, poor connotations arise when we heard of “people talking about us”. However, in today’s highly networked society, it has become a good thing. When people talk about us in the right regard, it becomes a gold star in terms of having developed a strong personal brand.

    In terms of …

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    Critique pinpoints where you need to next head


    Hearing criticism of your proud moment is the worst critique of all, and it is also embarrassing to be reprimanded for an error in front of an entire group. But, with a positive mindset, it is wise to reflect upon those very remarks to truly hear what is being said.

    Sometimes it is the most …

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    How to Recognize You are on The Right Path


    Beginning a new business is one of the most intimidating adventures of a lifetime, particularly when you suddenly realize that you are solely dependent upon yourself. Fear enters the picture, and promptly invites panic to join in.

    But it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, the experience can and should be highly rewarding …

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    Adapt Sales Strategy to Your Style to Improve Results


    The luckier salespeople are provided with decent sales training, but there is always room for improvement. Many trainers insist on memorizing scripts and practicing role-play. The problem with this is that the salespeople who excel are anything but average, but this type of training is for the average person. So it only serves to frustrate …

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    Recover from Error with Sales Strategy


    Sadly, awkward attempts to recover from errors made usually lead to embarrassment, and many times, loss of the sale.

    It is how you respond to the errors that make the biggest difference for saving the day. And, it is your reaction to the incident that defines your personal brand in the moment.  Prospective clients will …

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    Transform Wasteful Meetings into Effective Gatherings


    Experiencing one boring meeting will encourage people to avoid similar events in the future. No one likes to have precious time wasted. Worse yet, are the types of meetings where one person does all of the speaking while showing little interest or concern for others in the room. Instead, the person doing all of the …

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    Convert Routine into New Thought for Improved Results


    Entrepreneurs are frequently advised to put segments of business on auto-pilot so they may focus on the areas that will be more likely to increase revenue. This is great advice up to a point, but then, the benefit dwindles into a loss. Today’s example is of Twitter automation.

    Twitter automation

    We can all agree that …

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    Package Business, Joy, and Community


    Those driven to excel in their original endeavor find that they need to undertake much complementary education to obtain a broader perspective. Ultimately they are able to provide more insightful help to their clientele and communities.

    However, it is most likely that the original idea is what the successful enjoy doing most or what holds …

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    How to Achieve More


    It never fails, when one important project is at hand, several more appear at the same time. The problem becomes how to keep your promise of finishing all of it in a timely manner. Soon the question becomes a quandary because there just doesn’t appear to be enough hours in the day.

    – Habits of …

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    Sell Your Value Gain Respect


    Are you obtaining your worth in fees and services provided?


    In order to reach your ultimate vision, it is necessary to know where your strengths and weaknesses reside.   The painful piece is to focus on strengthening those weak areas.  And it may require further education in terms of self-study or hiring someone to mentor …

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