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    Tips and Field Stories to Help You Improve Sales


    The study of observation to learn what is to be avoided along with the best of what you experience will dramatically improve your outcome for the effort you put into your everyday sales effort. Opportunities arise every day to do so with you as the buyer, at networking events, and how people communicate online. Consider …

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    Which Path Appeals to You?


     What if…?

    The lack of time to get everything done, myriad of special requests, and the need to do extra research will sometimes put us in a tailspin. What if a routine commitment suddenly required hours of research without extra income – would you politely decline or accept the responsibility?

    This type of decision is …

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    5 Reasons Why You Need a Buddy System


    If you have ever felt:

    Behind on projects Uncertain how to handle delicate situations Caught in the middle of opposing viewpoints

    Then you may wish to seriously consider the following 5 reasons why you need a buddy system.


    Boring tasks will keep us from accomplishing our important goals. Accountability is a tough one to …

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    7 Ideas to Increase Your Follower Numbers


    Working to increase following on social media automatically bring up a few problematic situations:

    1. In the early stage of business, it appears as if more people un-follow than follow you – if that’s even possible.

    2. Trying to increase numbers is time consuming and detracts from value driven projects.

    3. You begin to wonder …

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    Are you routinely taking these 5 steps to make the sale?


    We invariably and continually make changes in our lives. While the topics are endless, the approach for each holds five basic steps in common. Routinely making these steps a habitual practice will serve to improve your results.


    Email and social media are perfect examples of people attempting to sell without knowing a thing about …

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    Why Should I Do Business with You?


    The title of the article says it all when it comes to leading effective meetings. As the sales executive, you are the leader when meeting with clientele.

    False Start

    On occasion you may hear someone say, “I can talk to you now, but I only have a few minutes. In a snapshot, tell me what …

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    One Geometric Principle Smartly Leverages Business


    Business operating with a single threaded mindset rarely survives for very long. These owners are the same ones who frequently proclaim, “You should do” but it’s usually a singular piece of a complex puzzle.

    Unfortunately most people who make pronouncements like that aren’t aware of the missing pieces. But by putting them all together to …

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    How to Easily Increase Sales


    The seller’s demeanor is what will either negatively or positively begin the sale cycle that either leads to an answer of “no” or “Yes!”

    In order to attract a positive flow of sales, the following adjectives come to mind: Be respectful, kind, thoughtful, inquisitive, an advisor and a benefactor. The last descriptor, “benefactor” refers to …

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    Moving from no communication to harmonious relationship


    You might have just landed a new and exciting client. Putting your best foot forward is essential for building a long lasting relationship.

    But sometimes, although your best was delivered, the communication seems to die. It completely ruins your day and sometimes even an entire week. It’s not worthwhile to allow this to happen because …

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    Ride the Wave of Poor Experience to New Possibility


    The attitude of forging past obstacles is what sets the successful apart. It is the rare individual who never makes a poor choice or who enjoys good experiences 100% of the time. For the rest of us, we need an improved mindset for moving forward and getting past those events that bring us down.

    Time …

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