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    Why Your Staff All Hate HR (and what to do about it)

    The perfect medium between a company and its employees, an entire department dedicated to keeping your employees engaged, or the secret henchmen of the boss, there to do all the dirty work for the guys at the top.

    So, which is it?

    The truth is, in a business world where leaders and managers are increasingly …

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    How to Get THAT Boss to Listen to Your Ideas

    Whatever you do, at whatever level, we all want to have an impact.

    Some of us have minds that are constantly thinking of new ideas, while others will stumble on that golden solution less frequently. Either way, getting these ideas out there can be a great way to further your career, really contribute, and take …

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    Why We All Need to Start Taking our Lunch Breaks

    Whether you’re a compulsive snacker, a lunch at your desker, or an I’ve not even got the time to eater, we all need to start taking more lunch breaks.

    In the UK alone, only 29% of employees get a full hour lunch break. Two thirds say they can’t even take 20 minutes.

    So why do …

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    5 Soft Skills Everyone Needs to Work On

    What do all the most successful people tend to have in common? It’s a question that is seen as holding the answer to getting ahead in your professional life. If it works for them, it’ll work for me!

    Of course experience counts, and in certain, increasingly complex industries, relevant hard skills often hold the key.…

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    When to Say You’re Not Doing Your Best Work

    Very few people genuinely don’t want to take pride in what they do.

    Yet we all know someone (it might be you) who isn’t putting their best in. Whether it’s time pressure from your boss that causes you to focus on quantity over quality, or a project that is causing you nothing but problems, everyone …

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    How to Problem Solve More Effectively at Work

    It’s probably on every job spec that’s been written since the start of time.

    ‘Looking for an innovative problem solver…’

    ‘…able to solve complicated problems as effectively as possible…’

    ‘…with a focus on getting to the heart of a problem’

    Sound familiar?

    It’s equally certain that you’ve talked up your own problem solving skills too, …

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    6 Ways You’re Making Yourself Look Less Professional

    One of the key steps in your personal branding journey is working out exactly what you want to project. In fact, it’s the first thing you need to do.

    You may want to brand yourself as an innovator, a fountain of knowledge or a creative soul, but whatever it is, the chances are that you’re …

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    How to Answer ‘Why Should I Hire You?’

    It’s one of the most popular questions in interviews, and also one of the most understandable. Why not hear why your future employee is right for the role straight from the horse’s mouth?

    Why then, does it fill us with so much trepidation? Partly because there’s no way of tricking this question, you’ve just got …

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    The Soft Skills You Need To Succeed at a Start-Up

    Whether you’re looking to kick off your career at a start-up, or want to move over from working in big business, working at a start-up may well require a whole host of new skills.

    Start-up environments are constantly shifting and changing, and you will need to take on ad hoc duties while constantly looking for …

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    Resiliency Is The Most Powerful Tool In Your Career

    Everyone’s career journey is different, and it would be incredibly misleading to suggest that there is one skill that comes at the top of the list every time. But there is one trait does come pretty close: resiliency.

    The tenacity and ability to bounce back from failure and moments of huge stress and disaster, time …

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