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  • Bentley College Students Learn How to Blend Social Media with Personal Branding

    Yesterday I went back to Bentley College and gave a talk on the fusion of personal branding with social media. This time the students were taking one of the first ever social media classes. From my 4 years at Bentley, it was obvious that this school was far ahead of others, with leading technology, such as the stock trading room and state-of-the-art library. I’m glad they recognized the role of social media in the school curriculum, but my mission was to teach them how they could apply their classroom learnings to their own lives. Part of their course assignment is to blog about their journey in social media throughout the semester. I actually think this method is a great way to teach students first hand about blogging and by using it as an inter-class communication device they are learning by doing. As you can tell from the pictures below, I ran into some technical issues when I was filming the presentation, so instead I just took snapshots. If anyone can suggest a better way of podcasting, please let me know.

    Image 1: This picture depicts me introducing myself, stating that I work full-time at EMC as their first social media specialist and how I’m a personal branding expert. Notice that I’m wearing jeans in these pictures. I typically dress more business casual during my presentations. My thoughts here are that my audience is college students that tend to dress very casual when attending classes, so in order to become more affiliated with them and at their level, I wore what they did.

    Dan Schawbel - Personal Branding

    Image 2: When I viewed Seth Godin’s post called “Why bother having a resume?” I felt it was a perfect fit for an entirely new slide I wanted to introduce to students. The quote I included was “Great jobs, world class jobs, jobs people kill for… those jobs don’t get filled by people emailing in resumes. Ever.” Every opportunity I get now is not on a job board, but rather through an individual looking for a specific type of expertise/talent. College students are notorious for resume submissions to the usual suspects. I also mentioned that 75% of jobs are taken through networking. If you aren’t building your eBrand or networking at this point, then you are passing off jobs to others who are.

    Dan Schawbel - Personal Branding

    Image 3: This one dates back to one of my original philosophies behind personal branding, which is that you can apply corporate and product marketing concepts to the individual. Here I discuss the “Marketing Mix” or the “4 P’s of Marketing,” which is one of the most well known and used concepts in the practice. Person is the product being sold to a recruiter. Place is the location of the company. Price is your total brand value and promotion are the strategies you implement to gain visibility and attention.

    Dan Schawbel - Personal Branding

    View the presentation

    [slideshare id=318718&doc=keynote-bentley-college-round-2-1206311322380162-3&w=425]

    For more of my presentations see my SlideShare account


    Dan Schawbel is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm. He is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success (St. Martin’s Press) and the #1 international bestselling book, Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future (Kaplan Publishing), which combined have been translated into 15 languages.

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    6 comments on “Bentley College Students Learn How to Blend Social Media with Personal Branding
    1. avatar

      Excellent stuff! I’m a marketing student currently on placement and I still notice a lot of my peers who are stuck in the old way of thinking.

      None of them blog, none of them use social networks for any other purpose than entertainment, none of them are on LinkedIn. I could go on for a while.

      I guess I have been lucky that I ended up working for a internet marketing agency which has shown me the path into online marketing, as I didn’t have a clue about all these things 8 months ago either!

    2. avatar
      Dan Schawbel says:

      @Daan – There is a void in our education system and it’s my job to fill it 🙂

    3. avatar


      This is one of the most interesting posts I have seen you publish. As a aspiring consultant, this is great information!

    4. avatar

      @ Dan – completely agree. Although in my final year we will have a Interactive Media unit in which the students along with the teacher will decide what will be the topics to be studied that year. I’ll be sure to bring some ideas to the table! I’ll probably be blogging about it (will be back at uni in October), so watch this space!

    5. avatar


      That is so cool that they actually have a class in Social Media! I wish my school did this…And may I say “AMEN TO NETWORKING!”

    6. avatar
      Patricia says:

      Hi Dan
      I’m in the process of creating my brand, for myself and my films and writing. This has been really useful to read, especially since it reinforces something I knew already, but implementing a method to it.

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