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  • Business is Always About Connection. Period.

    I ran across this quote the other day from Mzinga CEO Barry Libert:

    “GM never thought of themselves of being in the business of connecting people, which is why they’re going bankrupt,”

    Pretty valid thought if you ask me. Should all businesses be involved in connecting people with each other? Better yet… should businesses search for that lofty goal of connecting people who use their services to people who do not?

    My opinion… Yes they should.

    Business has always been about connecting. This same concept applies to personal branding. If you look back into history there has always been some type of connection between two people that created a company or brand. Connection points are what drive everything you do in a personal and professional setting….whether it is a deal that was signed or an idea sparked out of thin air.

    What are you doing to connect?

    The Internet has given way to a landslide of communication. You now have the ability to connect with every demographic on the face of the earth. What is your company doing to connect? I am not going to sit here and say that the demise of GM was based around their inability to connect… but it is a valid point.

    What are you going to do tomorrow to make it easier for customers, network and potential connections grow and flourish?


    Kyle writes a regular blog at KyleLacy.com and is founder and CEO of Brandswag, a social media strategy and training company. His blog has been featured on Wall Street Journal’s website and Read Write Web’s daily blog journal. Recently, Kyle was voted as one of the top 150 social media blogs in the world (on two websites), and produces regular keynote speeches across the Midwest. He also just finished writing Twitter Marketing for Dummies by Wiley Publishing.

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    7 comments on “Business is Always About Connection. Period.
    1. avatar
      paul says:

      I think you make a GREAT point, to paraphrase; instead of worrying about your piece of the American pie, worry about making the pie bigger for everyone.

      The more you do to help others, the more people talk about you, and that is best way to perpetuate your personal brand.

    2. avatar
      barry Libert says:


      thanks for picking up my quote.

      In fact, i think that GM is not the first or last company that will go under due to the fact that they, like most companies, don’t fully appreciate the fact that good products are no longer enough to achieve success. It iis also necessary to invest in building fans, friends and followers to succeed in today’s social world. Wih the social revolution now well underway, companies can and need to make this a top of mind priority. The rewards far outweight the risks.

      Best regards,


    3. avatar
      barry Libert says:


      thanks for your call out.

      I don’t think GM will be the first or last ocmpany that will go under due to the fact that they don’t understand the power and relevance of relationships to their business. It is no longer good enough to just deliver quality products and services. A great company must also invest in building fans, friends and followers. Given the current growth of the social economy, companies have no choice but to invest in these relationsihps. The rewards far outweigh the risks. Just ask GM.

      Best regards,


    4. avatar
      Kate says:

      Excellent point. Business of any type is about making those connections, meeting people, getting out there. It’s a bit frightening at first, but that is how it’s done. And then it gets to be kinda fun!

      On the flip side, adding people to your Linked In list for the sake of having more Connections, isn’t always so hot, either. Real connections is what people should be after.

    5. avatar
      Ross says:

      Great points! The ability to connect with consumers has been what differentiated great brands and half-decent ones for years. Its all about creating loyalty and loyalty ultimately comes from establishing a strong relationship with your customers. Like Kate said, “Real connections is what people should be after.”

    6. avatar

      I am fortunate that my first career was as a head hunter….so I began the practice of being a connector 20 years ago without the internet, just my Rolodex. Now with social media I can expand my connecting globally and teach the power of connecting to my executive coaching clients. Thank you Kyle for this insightful post!

      Loribeth Dalton
      The Heart Hunter
      Executive Career Coach

    7. avatar
      Kayla says:

      This was such a big help! I am writing a paper on the importance of forming connections with your customers, and how it is necessary for success in today’s business world.

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