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    7 Ways to Innovate and Prove You’re Worthy


    The terrible truth of work is that almost anyone can do anything. I don’t want to make you paranoid, but open up the UCLA Extension course catalog, a MOOC or watch a few “how-to” YouTube videos, and you get my drift. Education and skills are the easiest things to acquire.

    Leaving out advanced neurosurgery, the …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Do You Sound Lame?

    Lame photo from Shutterstock

    If you’re using the words “sorry” and “thanks”, then you run the high risk of sounding lame. These two words are thrown around so haphazardly and without any genuine feeling that they rank as having negative effects on your personal brand much like “umms”, “you knows” and “stuff like that”.

    Are you guilty of using…
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    Cutting Through the Clutter: “ReadQuick” with Clayton Morris


    Recently, I had a chance to speak with Clayton Morris, a co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend and a frequent contributor on all things technology-related to the Fox News Channel. Sometimes, he is able to toss some stories in there about another passion of his, the paranormal!  He also is the co-creator of the speed-reading app Read Quick …

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    Three Personal Branding Secrets for Academics

    People in academia live life more than a little differently from those of us in the business world. Even the rules of personal branding and networking are different. You don’t get tenure based on valuable relationships and what you have done for others. It’s based on publishing, teaching, and committee work.

    But that doesn’t mean …

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    When Done Is Better Than Perfect

    There are some times when you have to accept that you will be unable to do your best work. I know this sounds awful, but it isn’t, it’s a matter of prioritization. You cannot be successful and be perfect. You have to sometimes accept that good and done are better than reaching for perfection and …

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    Get Your Teens To Succeed: Encourage Them To Volunteer!

    “It’s Cool To Be Kind” –Beth Kuhel

    Best Buddies International and Friendship Circle International (FC) are not your typical volunteer organizations: Teen volunteers provide life altering friendship, companionship and mentoring for special needs children. The scope of activities is customized to the needs of the families and to the skill level of the teen volunteers. …

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    Career Coaching: Getting Help Is for Wimps?

    I just finished working with a client who landed a new job that better utilizes her talents while offering greatly improved income, promotional opportunity, and company environment/culture. At the end of our multi-month journey together, she said to me without prompting “I couldn’t have done it without you.” Her comment was personally flattering and reaffirmed what …

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    Happy 10th Anniversary to the “First 90 Days”!

    In 2003, Harvard Business School Press published professor Michael Watkins’ book, The First 90 Days, described on the book jacket as “Critical success strategies for new leaders at all levels”.  Ten years later, the book has become the go-to guide for professionals transitioning into new leadership positions, and is being updated and expanded in a new 10th …

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    School Success versus Work Success

    What did you learn at school that helped you succeed in your career? We tend to be skeptical and see school merely as a place to get a degree that would open the door for our career to begin. And then we see this big scary gap between learning and experience. I would argue that …

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    How to Give a TED Talk

    I recently coached three High School teachers to help them deliver “TED-like” talks at a conference on education. The event was held by a very high-profile non-profit organization. These three were no strangers to public speaking—they had years of experience giving speeches, teaching large classes, and appearing on TV. But they needed guidance on how …

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