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    3 Powerful Habits To Supercharge Your Career


    Great, you found a career that you love. Now what?

    If you’re like most ambitious people, you realize that even after you work for years to accomplish something, the road to mastery is still long and winding. Especially when it comes to mastery in your career.

    So how do you continue to overcome the inevitable …

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    Why The Generation Gap is Great for Your Career

    We have entered an exciting time in the evolution of the workplace. With the Millennial generation (those born approximately 1982-1995, a.k.a. Generation Y) entering the workforce in large numbers and the delay in retirement for many Baby Boomers, today’s office space is often being shared by different generations.

    There has been a lot of discussion …

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    Kayla Johnson: The Price of Choosing Generosity

    Editor’s Note:  I’m excited to share a guest post today from Kayla Johnson!Kayla Johnson is a marketing lead at brightpeak financial, a new organization dedicated to helping young Christian adults and families start taking action on their finances now, and for the future.

    “Kayla, here’s what I think you need to start thinking about…” is how …

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    Be Your Own Brand, Not Your Generation’s

    Whether or not you’ve heard the term Millennial or Gen Y, you’ve probably heard a few of the stereotypes associated with your generation (those born approximately 1982-1995), such as lazy, entitled or too tech focused.

    As Millennials enter the workforce at a rapid pace, it is important that young workers not only recognize that these …

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    Use Your Personal Brand, Find the Job

    Typically, when job seekers embark upon their job search, they’ll focus on the resume. A logical first step, right? Not really.

    It is true that you do need a resume for networking and applying to jobs. But a truly powerful and effective job search is a by-product of understanding how to successfully market and promote …

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    Work-at-Home-Moms: Turning the Personal into Brand

    EDITOR’S NOTE:   Today’s guest post is by Megan Totka who is the Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com.

    Many women assume that the entry into parenthood means an exit – whether temporary or permanent – from the working world. While the first few weeks – or months, or years – of parenthood can certainly be all-consuming, becoming a …

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    Promotional Gifts as Part of the Nurturing Campaign

    Promotional products and business gifts are both time-tested ways of getting your name out there in front of the crowd. Nearly every major company spends time and resources on producing and distributing these items at tradeshows, product showcases, etc.

    But, have you thought of the concept through? Is the “gimme” the end of your campaign …

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    6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Online Profile for Fall

    Change is good. And changing things up on your online profile can attract attention, whether it’s a recruiter or an angel investor or some new followers.

    This fall brings many good reasons for freshening up our online images: Stepped up networking events, new or renewed emphasis on career goals and of course, the expectation that …

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    Three Reasons Your Personal Brand Needs an Elevator Pitch

    As a personal brand, one of the most important things you need in your tool belt to effectively help other people understand who you are, and how you can help them, is an effectively crafted elevator pitch.

    While the thought of creating an elevator pitch for yourself may feel like a daunting task, here are …

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    How To Best Choose Where To Guest Post

    Guest posts are a great way to grow your personal brand… if you guest post on the right blogs.

    In 2010, I covered 5 Ways Guest Blog Posts Build Your Personal Brand.

    In 2011, I added 3 More Ways Guest Blogging Can Build Your Personal Brand.

    This year, I want to make sure you know …

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