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    6 Ways to Work Smarter in 2014


    Finding an excuse to procrastinate at work is definitely an easy thing to do. Especially when we have numerous projects hanging over our heads and we’re pressed for time, it can be difficult to focus on our most important tasks at work.

    In the new year, we need to make a promise to ourselves to …

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    You Are Not a Failure; You Experienced Failure

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    It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. – Bill Gates

    In order to achieve success, you’ll likely need to fail first. Failure is the path that many of the most successful people have taken prior to their great achievements. Take Bill Gates, prior to founding Microsoft, …

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    Humility: The Personality Trait That Creates Champions

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    Watching the World Series last week took me back to my days managing professional baseball franchises.

    Over 20-years in the game I studied what it took to get minor league athletes to the major leagues and what it took to transform Major Leaguers into World Series Champions.

    And now I apply those learnings to my …

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    Passed Over for the Top Job

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    You have spent years building your application – solid experience, top skills, and a solid reputation.  You are ready to  take the leap to the next level within your organization only to see the opportunity go to someone from the outside.  What are you to do?  Two years ago, the Chronicle of Higher Education posted …

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    6 Ways to Build a Trustworthy Reputation

    Despite the ease and convenience of the digital age, people still care about who is on the other end of the Internet vacuum. You can only hide behind your online persona for so long – 92 percent of consumers say that they find word-of-mouth recommendations to be the most influential. Earning the trust of your …

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    Communicate in the Way That Works For You

    What are the best stories you have ever heard? How long did you remember them? Do you still remember them? What made them memorable?

    My guess is … they were personal stories and/or they were personalized and enhanced by the story teller.

    The storyteller likely included passion, drama, humor and perhaps a bit of self-deprecation. …

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    Insecurity: A Driving Force for Good & Evil

    During an interview on FOX Business News last week, the host challenged me when I mentioned insecurity and low self-esteem is an epidemic and causes most workplace conflict.

    The brief four minute segment was too short to give the issue its due, so this may be the best forum to discuss it.

    He challenged me …

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    We Judge with Our Eyes

    I am on vacation and not even on American soil. It is a vastly different milieu in almost every respect. I find myself continuously comparing, contrasting, judging, and labeling people. Of course, this continuous chatter is only in my head. I don’t share it with anyone, God forbid.

    But isn’t that what we do in …

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    Google Yourself to Manage Your Brand

    Have you ever Googled yourself? According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, 56 percent of Internet users have searched for their own name online. This is up from 22 percent when they first asked Internet users in 2001, but today’s percentage has remained relatively the same in the last few years.

    It …

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    How to Become an Ideal WorkPlace?

    In order to become an ideal workplace, one where employees feel they’re valued and have opportunities for growth, business owners need to create a community and a culture that empowers employees and rewards contributors. Since employees spend most of their time in the workplace, it makes sense that the environment should be one that nurtures …

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