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    15 Cleaning Hacks for Your Office


    A messy office could potentially cost you a promotion because others will think you can’t handle the work you already have. You can put your best foot forward by keeping your office clean, but investing in expensive cleaners that also add to the toxins already in your work environment may not be the best approach. …

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    The New TLC: Trustworthy, Likable, and Charismatic!


    Get ready for a shock to your ego. You may be the most reliable, congenial and caring individual – but it don’t mean a thing if you don’t have that zing! By zing, I mean that magnetic power some people have to light up a room with their personality. Charisma.

    For a long time, we’ve …

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    The Most In Demand Employers in North America


    LinkedIn recently released the list of North America’s 100 Most in Demand Employers of 2015. The ranking was based on company awareness on LinkedIn. LinkedIn looked at how many people viewed employees’ profiles, how many users followed the company pages within last year, and the level of member interest in job ads of each company …

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    Holidays and Your Personal Brand: The Gift of You


    The season for holiday parties has only just begun. From now until the beginning of January, invitations for galas and soirees across town will be doled out, inviting everyone to celebrate a break from work with alcohol and delicious hors d’oeuvres. While it might be tempting to arrive to each with a stack of business …

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    6 Strategies to Increase Sales Success


    The ultimate business goal is to convert your effort into sales. How you work, communicate, and persevere will ultimately affect sales growth. Accordingly, the following strategies are provided to help you achieve your goals with greater ease.

    Sometimes difficulties are encountered when it comes to communicating with others. The reason is their experiences and understanding …

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    Skills, Passion and Execution – Tips for Hiring Managers


    Hire for Smarts.

    Dig for Passion.

    Look for proof of Execution.

    When hiring someone … or looking for a job yourself … these are three things you should be aware of and using to insure you find the right fit or are the right fit.

    These are especially true whether you are freelancing, consulting or …

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    5 Ways to Control Bad Habits


    Habits run our lives. Our behavior has a direct and profound effect on our attitude.

    Anyone can manage the good times and can cultivate the habits that promote well-being and success. However, every now and again, we gain bad habits that cause fatigue, self-depression and create a significant barrier to success.

    When we act like …

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    Would You Improve Communication With Your Clientele?


    Many people make the pronouncement that they specialize in… Only when you approach them to learn more, it turns out they don’t know a whole lot about your segment of the population. Their misleading statement turns into wasted time and frustration.

    The improved approach is to wait until you fully understand your targeted clientele before …

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    Your Data Exhaust May Precede You


    Data Exhaust and You!

    You are what you excrete.

    This may be an unpalatable thought, but it’s as true in what we eat as in what we consume on the internet.

    What we spew out from our internet interactions is fodder for the Social Media apps, tools, and websites we use to attempt to tailor …

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    Convert Annoyances into Content and Improved Relationships


    Undoubtedly we have all been thoroughly annoyed in the past by someone else’ thoughtless behavior. This week a person trying to “sell me” contradicted her previous words regarding the monetary amount in question. Nothing irks me more than retracting what was initially agreed upon.

    As business people, the most significant point to remember is the …

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