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    Confessions Of A Casting Director: An Interview With Jen Rudin


    I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Casting Director Jen Rudin, author of Confessions Of A Casting Director. Jen has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and provides insight on how to help actors have better auditions and work their strengths. From the pros and cons of the acting scene …

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    Video Presentations: One Easy Way to Keep Them Watching

    Audiences make snap judgments about anyone on camera. Viewers immediately assume someone is hostile if they look slightly angry. A confused look can come across as dopey. A blank face looks snooty or boring. That’s because video amplifies every facial expression—and often viewers don’t stick around to find out if their first impression was wrong. …

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    Can an SNL Skit Make You Reexamine Your Life?

    Have you ever gone to your high school reunion, or seen an old friend on Facebook, and wanted to ask, “what happened to you?!”

    A Saturday Night Live skit last week had me thinking about this. The premise was a game show called “What Have You Become?” Three contestants, who had all been told they’d …

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    Tip #9: How to Talk On-Camera

    How you talk on-camera is different from how you write. It’s also different from how you talk to your colleagues at the office. At the office, you have your own internal lingo, right? Let’s say you are a web consultant—you and your co-workers throw around acronyms like SEO, ROI, & API like crazy. You talk …

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    Just For Men: How to Look Great On-Camera

    You are working hard to brand yourself and your business with written posts on your blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. But have you remembered to consistently brand your face?

    Yup, that’s right. Part of your brand is how you look in photos and present yourself in videos. You want people to listen to what …

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    Lessons in Personal Branding from Chelsea Handler

    If you’re starting out building your personal brand and career, there are lots of lessons in personal branding you can pick up from the E! Network’s Chelsea Handler.

    Whether you agree or disagree with the specifics of her more than slightly edgy brand–I think of Chelsea Handler as a younger, raunchier, glitzier Joan Rivers–she’s been …

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    Sweet Spot: The Intersection of Passion, Purpose & Skills

    Do you like sweets? When I was a kid I used to tell my mom I couldn’t finish my dinner because there was a special part of my stomach that was just for dessert. My rule now that I’m an adult is to keep sweets out of the house so I’m forced to walk and …

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    A Personal Branding Overview in 5 Short Video Clips

    Whether you’re new to personal branding or have already built a strong brand, there’s something for everyone in the personal branding video playlist below.

    The 5 clips run just over15 minutes in total.  Enjoy.

    The primary element in developing your personal brand

    Watch here

    The 3 fundamentals of a good personal brand

    Watch here

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    Personal Branding TV: Episode 9 – On-Blog / Off-Blog Networking


    Personal Branding TV is back, with another episode. This episode positions me with Boston College student Scott Bradley, who has a keen interest in networking and bridging strong business and social relationships. As you build your blog, extend your reach through social networks and connect to individuals that share similar interests, you can take …

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    Personal Branding TV: Episode 8 – Changing Majors


    Personal Branding TV (Episode 8 – Changing Majors)

    This week, I discussed the topic of changing majors with a concerned student. This uncertainty occurs when a student is trying to unlock their personal brand. Without truly knowing what you want to do, it’s a challenge to plan ahead and know what type of job …

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