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  • Homeless Woman Finds Shelter through Twitter

    AnnMarie Walsh has a beautiful smile and a soul to match. What she does not have is a home. @padschicago, as she’s known to her followers, stumbled upon Twitter without any idea where it would lead.

    It was an outlet to share the feelings and emotions, sometimes bad” she shared with a group at Social Media Day Chicago recently about her initial tweets. Soon she found herself at local Tweet Ups and in the company of other twitter fans. The outlet was helping her, in many ways.

    Power of a Social Brand

    During one of the local TweetUps, AnnMarie met a man that would eventually change the course of her life. He later direct messaged her on Twitter and, despite initial hesitation, she replied. He was a social worker connected to a program to end homelessness at a local university; they met and with his help, she was accepted into the program, which included housing.

    She’s now advanced into her second program and living safely with a roof over her head, food to eat and on her way to a long-term solution.

    “Homeless Individual and Advocate”

    Her story continues to inspire from TweetUp to TweetUp as @padschicago is a “Homeless Individual and Advocate” – just read her card. Yes, she has a business card, talk about personal branding! She makes it easy for you to call her, email her and tweet her. She volunteers her time, when she’s feeling up to it, helping other homeless individuals work through their challenges using the power of social media, primarily Twitter and blogs.

    It’s Your Turn

    I find that if a woman that’s been through the toughest of life’s challenges, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that is, can whip up a personal brand, tweet about it and network her way into a program that delivered what she needed (shelter); you can to! Grab a piece of courage from AnnMarie’s story and start your Twitter account today. Join a local TweetUp and network with fellow Twitter fans.

    Once you’re on twitter, remember to follow AnnMarie @padschicago and take a stop by her blog at http://padschicago.wordpress.com

    Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that if you’re reading this and have an extra condo sitting empty that you want to gift to AnnMarie, let her know. She’s the most inspirational, authentic and deserving person I have had the pleasure of meeting.


    Adriana Llames is the Division Vice President, Social Media Marketing for Sears Holdings and the acclaimed author of “Career Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game”. Llames led a boutique career coaching services firm for over a decade and has been featured on ABC, CNNMoney, CBS News and Yahoo! For more information, visit www.adrianallames.com


    Adriana Llames is a master career coach and acclaimed author of "Career Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game", released with top book seller Amazon.com. She is the chief engagement officer at adrianallames communications and a highly sought after keynote speaker motivating and inspiring audiences with her high energy, focused programs on personal branding, social media and networking. For more information, visit www.adrianallames.com

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    2 comments on “Homeless Woman Finds Shelter through Twitter
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      Social media sites have surely taken over the internet. Sites like twitter and facebook have helped people to communicate with each other with ease turning the globe into a small village.

      Business people toll need to take advantage of this tool to promote their business on the internet.

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      It is really amazing how social media changes the life of the people. As long as it is use with good intentions, social media will always be beneficial for all its users as it connects people from all over the world.

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