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  • Music Branding 2.0 Event Recap

    Recently, I hosted the first Music Branding 2.0 event to a sold out crowd, which included an expert panel and a live rock band. I wanted to try something different with this event and I drew a connection between music, branding, and the internet. The focus of the event was on how artists can brand themselves in the digital world to achieve success. The panel included experts from across the industry. Here is a video clip, where the panelists introduce themselves, and then  discuss how important social media is for artists. The video script is below as well.

    Tim Hare (moderator): How has social networking changed the way that artists promote themselves in this day and age?

    Paul Rapp (entertainment lawyer): For one thing, the day of the paper press kit is pretty much over. Now you have to go and get photos and glossies, get them blown up, copied, get the piles and send them out. And most people don’t want to clutter up their offices. Most labels and most journalists don’t want to clutter up their office with paper anymore. I mean, the electronic press kit has kind of taken over.

    Amanda Caswell (band promotions): In my experience, I feel that the artists sort of break down the walls. You know, when they’re on Twitter or even Facebook. They become touchable and you know, everything from their van broke down or..they’re having trouble getting through customs. You know, you’re right there with the band and you can reply to them and say “Oh hey man, my van did the same thing” and they just become…you become more of a friend through all that networking.

    Andrea Johnson (professor at Berklee College): I’ll follow up with that; I totally agree with Amanda that what we’re looking for is to connect with fans and give them a reason to buy. To build premium levels for those fans so that the 13-year old who doesn’t have a credit card can legally download from the band’s website their music and be able to connect with them in that way. And also the rabid fan who wants the premium package-double DVD with live streaming video of a concert they did in a tent. They can pay $300 for that package. We’ve seen Trent Reznor do that with Nine Inch Nails, offering different premium levels in order to connect with fans at different levels, and it’s working really well for him as a major artist and a lot of independent artists are starting to follow in that realm.

    Matty Trump (hip hop producer): Yeah, I think it’s given a chance for artists to actually break through on their own now, and not need as much help from the major labels or even independent levels. And you know, just in the last year, you had Soulja Boy who did a YouTube video and became famous on his own, and a project I’m actually currently involved with now with Sam Adams, who did a video. He did this little video rap thing and a million people watched, and then his iTunes came out last month and sold 8,000 copies. It was beating out Lil’ Wayne and other major hip-hop artists on iTunes, and the major labels went crazy. They can’t believe anyone did this on their own and they’re not happy about it. And they did actually spread rumors that the albums were bought and all this stuff. It’s been a pretty crazy month but I think you know that’s what it is. It’s given artists the empowerment to be able to come out on their own, whereas before you had to get signed by a label and that was your only chance. Like now, artists can do it on their own with a lot of hard work and dedication.


    Dan Schawbel is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm. He is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success (St. Martin’s Press) and the #1 international bestselling book, Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future (Kaplan Publishing), which combined have been translated into 15 languages.

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    5 comments on “Music Branding 2.0 Event Recap
    1. avatar

      A lot good information for any business looking to social media. Sorry I missed it.

    2. avatar
      Corve says:

      I find this seminar very informative. Thanks for sharing.

    3. avatar
      Bobby Saini says:

      This post has a lot of really good information.

      I have been working really closely with a music group that is at a “tipping point.” They have always been pioneers in their music industry for coming up with new ways to market themselves but their recent explosion has caused them too fall back on their involvement with their online presence. I used some of the tactics outlined above and a few others. Lots of time and effort went into communicating the groups new brand/image but the end result was amazing.

      With some fresh new content and getting them to engage more online we were able to bring their web traffic up dramatically. Their facebook fan page went from 5K to about 50K+ in a matter of months.

      Living on the east coast I wasn’t able to make it to this event but It would be great to be able to share some of these ideas and tactics in a post with other musicians. They would really benefit from it.

      Thanks for the great post!

    4. avatar

      I stumbled across this video article while looking for professional branding material for a current client of in Unscripted Film. Thank you Mr. Schawbel for putting this together. I like the concept of taking control of your own Branding, versus letting your brand run ramped on the net in social media sites. Very Forward Thinking.

      I know that you cant possibly put the whole segment up, but I would also like to see a teaser that shows some content and a little less of the speaker panel credentials. Make us want more of the gems…..

      Warm Regards
      John Eric Henry
      John Henry Films – StarMaker

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