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  • Personal Branding Weekly – Gambling Your Brand

    Taking more risks and letting your hair down when there’s an air of anonymity because you’re some place you’ve never been or will never be again can have more than interesting consequences with our ever growing social footprint.  Our social memories are lasting. 

    This has been the topic of many tweets, updates and blog posts that outline:

    Don’t post on your social accounts when you are drunk, angry or _______________________. What would you add?

    Another gamble that we recently discussed during #brandchat, was one taken by Chipotle when the “faked” their Twitter account hack. Does faking anything with your connections make the connection better?

    You can read all the highlights and details here.

    Here are some of last week’s best blog post about personal branding:

    This next week we’ll share:

    1. About getting your kids to succeed and how to help them, even at a young age, take charge of their personal brand.
    2. Your brand story – how to write it and why to create it.
    3. How to discover what’s in your way? Identifying what’s stopping you in order to move forward or around it.
    4. Taking your brand beyond your career.  
    5. Moving from disappointment to success.
    6. The care and nurturing of your personal brand.

    Ready to take charge of your personal brand buzz? Here’s a couple of favorites from last week’s Bootstrapping your Personal Brand Buzz Challenges.

    Today’s Bootstrapping Buzz Challenge >>

    READ. Pick a blog post, article, book, ebook, Kindle or Nook book – whatever you prefer and read. If you can read, you possess a skill that gives you access to the vast experiences of others.

    To create buzz be willing to learn from others and let go of having to re-create the wheel yourself.

    Today’s Bootstrapping Buzz Challenge >>

    Today ask a question. Delve a little deeper. Value the relationship a little bit more by asking.

    To create buzz people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And, that’s ONLY done through action.

    You’ll find all the daily challenges here.


    Maria Elena Duron, is managing editor of the Personal Branding Blog, CEO (chief engagement officer) of buzz2bucks– a word of mouth marketing firm, and a professional speaker and trainer on developing social networks that work. She provides workshops, webinars, seminars and direct services that help create conversation, connection, credibility, community and commerce around your brand.  Maria Duron is founder and moderator of #brandchat – a weekly Twitter chat focused on every aspect of branding that is recognized by Mashable as one the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers.

    Are you busy? Here’s some quick and easy tips on Social Marketing for busy people.


    Maria Elena Duron is a Marketing Coach and Strategist with Know, Like, + Ignite and @mariaduron on Twitter. Would you like practical tips to create and curate content and experiences worthy of being passed person-to-person? -Get exclusive access.

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