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  • Social Networking Is Often Not Understood

    shutterstock_357964967Disclaimer: Social networking is not a substitute for attending social events, talking with others on the phone, or having lunch with someone.

    To me there is no question of the growing importance of social networking for people in transition who are looking for their next career stop. However, for many middle-aged people, social networking may be something new and not something they’re right now ready to jump into with both feet in their current predicament. And that’s a shame, because employers and recruiters use it as a selection and validation tool for their prospects.

    So, let’s review some of the advantages job seekers can gain by using the phenomenon of social media.

    • It is a screening tool. You can learn about others before you decide to invest your time and energy in the development of a relationship. You can find out if the other person is compatible with you or has the right connections, experience, and knowledge in your industry.
    • Using social media is less frightening. Some people have problems in cold calling someone and asking for a favor, especially when unemployed. Initiating a dialogue with someone you’ve lost contact with for years can be intimidating, but taking that first step via social media makes the reconnection more palatable.
    • It is efficient and convenient. You can conduct a large number of dialogues with many people from your kitchen table without having to waste time driving somewhere.
    • You can network 24 hours a day worldwide, because the Internet never closes and because your online profile can be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world.
    • It is a great opportunity to exhibit your skills and talent. Using social media shows potential employers that you are up to speed and up-to-date and know how to use social media effectively. That serves to differentiate you from others.
    • It is a tool for setting up an in-person meeting. Many people connect initially via the Internet, and once both parties are ready, they meet in person.
    • It shows off your brand. Again, this is another differentiator that highlights your selling points, expertise, and talents.
    • It provides a vehicle whereby to participate even if you have physical challenges such as mobility issues or you are not local.

    Learning about social media is a challenge by itself, and the navigation changes frequently. Those in transition who are not ready to meet the challenge by learning how to use social media and then updating themselves on the changing features put themselves at great disadvantage.


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    3 comments on “Social Networking Is Often Not Understood
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      Adrienne Roman says:

      Alex – well said, and I could not agree with you more!

      I do talk to folks about Social Media, and find that the main reason they do not dive into the ‘sea of social media’ is FEAR. Fear of the unknown, fear of… what if … what if someone posts that picture…from college, high school, whatever!

      I try to encourage the fearful folks to wade in slowly. Take
      it in steps. Connect with 1-3 people and 1-3 groups or interests, and engage for a week. For folks dealing with the fear factor, when starting any online profile, the first thing they should master is how to ‘delete’. How to delete a message, a post, an update, which will give the person a sense of control in the online jungle.

      It is true, that once it is out there on the internet, it is out there, so care in posting is very important.

      But not having an online persona raises more questions today, than that bad hair day photo. What are they trying to hide? Whom are they hiding from? Why are they hiding?

      I would love to hear from folks about how they overcame the fear factor in social media – any volunteers?

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      Social networking is complementary to event networking. The key ion social networking is being yourself and behave as you usually do at the real World, but it has a main advantage: you are able to think twice what are you will say in order to focus in achieving your career goals.

      Interesting post. Thank you so much for sharing.

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