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    Self-Confidence is Everything

    Penguins  in Antarctica are described by scientists who have studied them for 23 years as undaunted, without self doubt, and with a good attitude.

    That’s my definition of confidence. Once somebody’s got confidence, you’ve got something.

    What confidence is not: -moral superiority -organization-chart title -tan skin and white teeth -grin and grip

    What does confidence …

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    What to Do When You Consider a Work Task Unethical

    Would you do something you thought was unethical?

    What about if your job was on the line?

    The Milgram Experiment became famous for indicating that people obey authority figures regardless of the awfulness of their instructions, but amongst younger worker, at least, this no longer seems to be the case. A recent Deloitte study revealed …

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    How to Act Self-Confident

    To help with confidence development, simply try “acting confident” to the outside world, practicing how it feels. The outside “show” helps the inside “take.” It’s okay to display confidence you don’t feel, to take a leap of faith. Pretending is not faking or hiding weaknesses. It’s playing the part you want to achieve.

    When I …

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    How to Improve Self-Confidence

    So how do you become more confident? Get a head start by dedicating yourself to confidence. Even talk to yourself. It helps! Various experts add: being in good health, regularly exercising and taking care of your body, frequently participating in activities that are fun and not just working all the time, having some close confident …

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    What Does Self-Confidence Look Like?

    The person with confidence is the person we turn to when problems of any kind arise. One of the chiefs I interviewed put it this way: “The CEO weapon of choice is a display of self-confidence.”

    In the business press, confident-appearing CEOs are written about with descriptions like these:

    “He spoke with such tremendous confidence…
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    Prepare Before you Meet, Talk, or Click


    You can be anything and do anything with enough preparation and work. To be effective in what message you want to get across to others, you must prepare. If you painstakingly prepare more than most people bother to, it will measurably improve your chances of affecting people the way you want. Some CEOs tell me …

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    When Confidence Becomes a Career Liability

    The drive to be perceived as strong is becoming ever more prevalent in today’s society and is especially present in some members of our younger generation.

    In theory, confidence has its merits and is a necessary quality for successful leadership. It can provide people with the resiliency needed to complete complex tasks even in the …

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    Learning to Dance: An Interview with Ben Weston

    Recently, I had the privilege of speaking to Ben Weston, a professional dance and confidence coach for men. Ben has an interesting story, going from someone terrified of dancing to an authority on the artform. We discussed his history, how dance has helped give him more confidence, and the impact dance can have on anyone’s …

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    The 10 Commandments For Concrete Confidence (Part 1)

    Your resume is perfect.  Your cover letter is flawless. Your wardrobe would make Coco Chanel or Giorgio Armani jealous.  And, guess what?

    None of it matters unless you have the confidence to match. The foundation for your personal brand is the way you view yourself.  When you have genuine self-confidence, your body language screams, “I’m …

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    Brute Force

    Who annoys you?  Who frustrates you because they’re more successful than you but they don’t deserve it?  You’re smarter.  You work harder. You provide more value.  Yet, for some reason, they have achieved success and you might still be struggling … and it drives you crazy.

    Luck on your side?

    I’m obviously assuming that you …

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