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    3 Drivers Supercharge Success

    It’s a known fact that most businesses fade away within the first year. Reasons vary from not realizing upfront that being in business feels overwhelming and includes negative self-talk along with negative feedback from others. Overall, it is an ordeal to cope with the hassle of being in business.

    On the other hand, employment is …

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    How to Resolve Problems

    Long ago, it was advised to create a working document whenever a serious issue arises. This advice applies to career related or personal circumstance that is in need of resolution.

    Review Past Action

    The best way to proceed is to look back and examine how you handled past poor experiences to recognize where improvement should …

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    What Can You Dump Today to Be More Productive?

    Using the 4D’s of Time Management can help you become more productive.

    But, there is a cost. While you may be respected for your time management skills you may not be very well liked.

    Be aware of this when you apply The 4D’s to your business and personal time management efforts.

    What are the 4D’s …

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    Who Likes You and Where Do They Congregate?

    Articles are always suggesting to review analytics of every type. This includes the number of likes and shares of our postings. Unfortunately, unless popularity is consistent, it becomes disheartening to see low figures when it comes to “likes”.

    One source rarely provides the complete picture; analyze many.

    A cautionary note is to not let poor …

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    Solve for Why … The Business Secret

    How often do you ask why?

    Is there a maximum number of times to ask why?

    Why … do you say that or think that?

    The 5 Why’s

    Asking why five times is a commonly used tool (and expression) to get to the root of an issue. In the system developed in Japan by Sakichi …

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    How to Avoid Burnout

    If you are a workaholic, committed to work too much or just spend your time between work and office while doing nothing else during the week, then, chances are that you may start to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and even depressed. Below you can find some hints for motivating yourself and avoid feeling burned out.

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    R3H1: Could This Be the Answer to ALL Your Problems?

    What is your problem? It may not matter. R3H1 may be the one answer that directly solves about 98% of what is bugging you, getting in your way, and keeping you stressed.

    R3H1 is my code for Rules, Routines, Rituals and Habits.

    Arising from the science of project management, R3H1 gets you focused on working …

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    How to Be Proactive to Exceed Goals

    Looking at the biggest picture possible for what you wish to ultimately accomplish will help you to develop a robust plan to make it happen. Notably, your grand vision is more likely to be achieved if it comes from a deeply rooted desire to see it come to life. It is something you carry with …

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    21 Steps to Take Today to Ensure Tomorrow’s Success

    1. Complete final tasks for 2015. Review all loose ends to be finalized to fully enjoy celebration of the year end.

    2. Call current clients to wish them a Happy New Year. Calls made with genuine goodwill builds a strong bond and greater loyalty.

    3. Send a message of warm wishes for the new year …

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    What do you want … Money, Labor or Access?

    When you are asking for help.

    What do you really want?

    What do you really need?

    I typically see requests for one of three things.

    You may be able to get all three.

    However, you should know what you want before you make the ask. As you think about what you need to grow your …

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