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  • The Day That Influence Became The New Online Currency

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    7 comments on “The Day That Influence Became The New Online Currency
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      Influence is something very hard to measure. The question that numbers cannot reveal is the “whom”: whom are you trying to influence. The job hunter is trying to influence only one single person. The MLM operative wants to influence as many people as possible. Jesus influenced millions after he died, but how would one measure that during one of his sermons?

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        Oscar Del Santo says:

        I’d invite you to re-read the post, since I think you’ve missed the whole point: now for the first time we CAN measure online influence (albeit imperfectly as of yet).

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      S. Trevino says:

      Enjoyed reading this Oscar. The Rise of Digital Influence reminds me of Tara Hunt’s (@missrogue) 2009 The Wuffie Factor, in which she describes how companies can build their social capital and business by creating trust and adding value to digital communities. She nailed it way back, when you had to put a “d” before a twitter name to write a DM.

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      Oscar, this is Shawn from Kred. Thank you again for your supportive words about Kred and our approach to influence.

      ‘Relevance’ is something we definitely factor in to Kred, both in our invitation for visitors to include their offline accomplishments (through Offline Kred) and by giving every user scores for every community we cover in addition to a global influence score.

      We are actively working to put more indicators of influence into Kred. We always say that ‘We all have Influence somewhere,’ and we intend for Kred to be a metric that supports that and proves it out for everyone.

      Very best

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      yinka olaito says:

      While this is very good piece, there are certain factors that should be considered and here are some of the things that count to reach this level are here http://bit.ly/Tjj4EZ

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