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  • Today We Honor the 2008 Personal Brand Award Winners

    What a year it’s been for personal branding and for people creating “Me 2.0.”

    Each year, I like to reward some of the standout brands by recognizing them with Personal Brand Awards. Last year, Rohit Bhargava won the gold award, which is the most coveted of all of them and this year Jeremiah Owyang was presented the 2008 gold award. A panel of judges were chosen this year and people were graded based on a few factors, such as value proposition, differentiation, and marketability. Below is a celebration for all the winners and they are also recognized in the current issue of Personal Branding Magazine, which is available for you today.

    Gold Award

    Jeremiah Owyang owns the #6 spot in Google for “Jeremiah” out of 18 million. He has over 15,000 blog subscribers and over 14,000 Twitter followers, with hundreds of blog posts. He’s been cited just about everywhere, including Forbes and USA Today. He probably has one of the best bio pages in the entire blogosphere and his influence is very hard to match. Bloggers link and comment on his blog as a routinely as brushing their teeth. Jeremiah is also a senior analyst at Forrester Research in social computing, so he follows social media trends as his job, thus he has found a way to monetize his passion; the goal of personal branding and life. It gives us great pleasure, after a unanimous vote, to award Jeremiah the gold personal brand award for 2008!

    Jeremiah Owyang - 2008 Gold Award Winner

    Silver Awards

    Daniel Scocco started blogging in 2005, and the experience completely changed the way he interacted with the Internet. Through out these years he launched several successful blogs, and Daily Blog Tips is the place where he shares what he learned along the way. The blog was nominated under the “Best Web Development Blog” category on the 2007 Weblog Awards, and currently it is ranked number 29 among the most popular blogs in the world (according to Technorati).

    Why he won: Daniel is certainly a fan favorite when it comes to blogging. Every day, Daniel gives precious blogging tips and strategies for beginners up to advanced bloggers. He holds one of the top spots in Technorati, yet he is a solo-blogger, which is remarkable. Daniel is certainly a go-to-guy for blogging, people trust him and he constantly rewards his community. For all this, we would like to recognize him with a silver personal brand award.

    Laura Fitton has focused on reshaping society and business through ideas and information for over 15 years. She’s is a social media consultant and speaker who helps companies participating productively and proactively to be more competitive. Her clients learn to market dynamically by engaging with their audiences, listening and responding effectively to the new realities of business. Fitton writes several popular blogs, is an authority on business uses of Twitter and is in the vanguard of thinkers shaping how social media will reshape business.

    Why she won: When it comes to building a powerful and recognizable brand through new communication mediums, few do it better than Laura. She is a Twitter star and as a result, she’s been cited in many of the top blogs and in mainstream media. Her face and name are synonymous with “pistachio,” In fact, she owns that word in your head! For all of this and more, we would to congratulate Laura on winning a silver personal brand award.

    Bronze Awards

    Jim Kukral is an award-winning blogger, speaker, author and business web coach. For over 10 years, Jim has been working with both small businesses and Fortune 500 customers to help them find success online. Jim is a graduate of The University of Akron. You can read about Jim and his many online successes by visiting www.jimkukral.com.

    Why he won: Jim is a personal branding evangelist, who demonstrates his passion for all things affiliate marketing, social media and internet marketing each and every day. He communicates his brand through both video and written entries and is a common face at industry events. Jim brand thrives off of sincerity, transparency and authenticity, which is why he is receiving a bronze personal brand award!

    Drew McLellan gets branding and marketing and he desperately wants you to get it too. Drew has not only survived 20 years in the advertising and marketing arena, he’s thrived in it. After working for several other agencies, including Young and Rubicam’s CMF&Z, Drew created McLellan Marketing Group in 1995. Drew is a highly sought after speaker and has given about a zillion presentations at national conferences, key note addresses, training for his peers in the profession, college students and even his daughter’s tenth grade class.

    Why he won: Drew is most notably the nicest guy on the internet. Aside from being one of the most recognized and respected authorities on marketing and branding online, he is a savvy networker. Since personal branding is all about giving before receiving and not putting yourself first, Drew has become known as a connector and friend to all. For all of this, we would like to present him a bronze personal brand award!

    Wendy Piersall has a long entrepreneurial career and has founded three businesses since the age of 26. Currently she is the founder of Sparkplugging, the most popular home business blog on the internet. She also writes for the Entrepreneur.com Blog Network at Inspired Business Growth – Exceptional marketing, branding and entrepreneurship. Wendy got her start in affiliate marketing as Business Development Director when she worked for Socrates.com, and continues to incorporate affiliate marketing into her blog and online business on a daily basis.

    Why she won: Wendy is one of the most highly recognized female bloggers. She positioned herself early and have become a very well known face and voice in social media. When people see her face or hear the word “eMom,” they automatically think of her and that’s branding at it’s best. She was written up in the WSJ for being one of the top mommy bloggers in the world and has won a bronze personal brand award!


    Dan Schawbel is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm. He is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success (St. Martin’s Press) and the #1 international bestselling book, Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future (Kaplan Publishing), which combined have been translated into 15 languages.

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    8 comments on “Today We Honor the 2008 Personal Brand Award Winners
    1. avatar

      Dan, thanks you’re making me blush! It’s really amazing what blogging has done for my career, these simple tools let anyone communicate to others, and share ideas.

      Here’s my secrets to developing a personal brand. Pick keywords that you want to ‘own’. Make sure these keywords are going to stand the test of time, focus on ideas –not technologies. Make sure that your blog stays on topic, and you are focused in your writing. Publish frequently, and budget time EVERY day to read and think about what to write. Everything you do during the day should be a focus or lens to your blog posts. Read a lot of blogs, link out frequently –trigger discussions.

      I’ve had a lot of fun, and it’s really helped me to meet so many, and in the long run, this body of work will be something that I can look back on, and maybe share with my kids and grandkids.

      Thanks again, graciously, -jko

    2. avatar
      Andy Beal says:

      Congratulations to Jeremiah and all the winners – all very well deserved!

    3. avatar
    4. avatar

      Having enjoyed the free video course from Jim Kukral and his blog comments, he’s a great guy and very deserving of his award.

      He’s also helping all of us to define our own personal brand using video – something that I’m gradually building up the courage to try!

      Thanks for coming up with a great idea,


    5. avatar
      Dayngr says:


      I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one respectfully. First, not everyone who hears the word eMom thinks of Wendy. I’m pretty sure that the thousands of military service members and thousands of civilian members who have been served by or been a part of eMail Our Military (eMOM) for the last 7 years would beg to differ. Like me, many had never heard of Wendy Piersall before twitter.

      Though I may not be popular for saying so, I’m going to do it anyway because I’m not someone who’s worried about stepping on toes or kissing any asses when it comes to social media. It is what it is and I’m here to call it like I see it. Having someone use our eMOM brand name is foolish at best.

      Since were talking branding wouldn’t it have been smarter to brand eMOMs since the name of the business was emoms at home? Better yet, why not brand Wendy Piersall? Especially if you’re going to have several different businesses going at the same time. To me, that screams smart branding since people will recognize the name no matter what business venture it’s associated with.

      Additionally, eMoms at Home doesn’t even exist anymore – it was rebranded earlier this year as Sparkplugging and a quick review of emomsathome.com shows that. In my opinion, smart branding would dictate that one let go of the old and move on to the new. Why spend the money and time to rebrand as Sparkplugging.com only to continue to use a brand that even Wendy admitted was out of touch with what the site is even about? Now that’s just silly.

    6. avatar


      This is quite a surprise and a huge honor — thank you. It makes it even better to be among this group of people. I’m flattered to share the spotlight with them.

      I think the common denominator when I read your descriptions are these are people who share what they know willingly and gladly. It’s that spirit of being open to helping others. It draws people to them. And so the brand begins to build…

      Thanks again for the honor.


    7. avatar
      Jim Kukral says:

      Truly an honor to get this award. Thank you very much. Yes, and like Drew said, to be in this group of people is amazing.

      Drew also nailed it… it’s about being open, authentic and helping others. That’s how you build a personal brand like we all have.

      Thanks again!

    8. avatar
      Debbie Weil says:


      The awards are a great idea. Love your write-up. And of course I’m a huge Jeremiah fan. FWIW, I’m the #6 debbie on Google, right below Debbie Does Dallas… 🙂

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