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  • Your Personal Brand Has a Half-life

    Relationships are only as strong as the value placed on the relationship by the least interested party. In other words – reciprocity defines the value of a relationship.

    Consider: a guy may invest a great deal into a potential relationship with a girl (flowers, concert tickets etc). However, the bonds of their relationship are only as powerful as the invested interest of the girl (reciprocity). Without her interest, their relationship carries no water.


    The same is true with your personal brand. Your personal brand is only as meaningful as the value others place in your brand. Your relationship with your constituents, your personal brand will wain without regular contribution.

    Consider: the hebrew word for love is ahava, from the root word hav, which means to give. The principle represented by this word as that the love present in a relationship is only as strong as the level of investment from every involved party.

    Relationships and your brand take regular investments

    Your relationship with your constituents will wain without regular investment. Thousand of parties invest immeasurable hours, dollars and efforts to generate brand/relationship equity with your target constituency. Your avenue of influence, your brand mind share, will dissipate without regular investment. In the digital realm, twitter value, blogging, subscription, community participation, Google Rank, technorati authority and even your one-to-one relationships demand regularity. Without proper pacing, your bridges will burn.


    Generate brand/relationship equity

    Key Takeaways:

    • Your brand value is determined by your constituency.
    • Relationships demand regular investment generating relationship equity from both the personal brand holder (you) and the brand subscribers (your constituency).

    Key Action Item:

    • Whatever your personal branding activities, be they publishing online or in print, attending conferences or participating in digital social media, perform these actions with regularity. Never sit still. Always be investing, always be optimizing, always be building.


    Jon Burg is a Senior Emerging Channels Strategist with Digitas, a leading global interactive agency network. Jon blogs about the evolution of marketing, media and technology and the resultant impact on the human experience at Future Visions.


    Jon is the Senior Emerging Channels Strategist at Digitas, a world leading digital marketing and media agency and member of the Publicis Groupe S.A. Jonn blogs at Future Visions. He’s tasked with monitoring, tracking, analyzing, strategizing and activating against all things web 2.0. Areas of particular interest include media ethnography, emerging technology, user and channel experience evolution, social media, mobile media, distributed media, gaming, the ambient web and multi-platform/multi-channel operations planning.

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    5 comments on “Your Personal Brand Has a Half-life
    1. avatar
      Tony Ruiz says:

      Welcome to Thursdays Jon. I like your comparison between relationships and personal branding.

    2. avatar
      Jacob Share says:

      I speak fluent hebrew and I’d never heard that ‘hav’ connection. Beautiful.

      Of course, your point is dead on. No one likes to be ignored. In the past, I remember how amazed a person would be if they wrote a complaint letter to a company and the company actually responded. Today, if a company doesn’t respond, the market will turn.

      Same with people. For example, bloggers have such strong followings because most of them respond to email, comments, etc.

    3. avatar
      Dan Schawbel says:

      It takes a lot more work than people realize to build a healthy relationship with someone else. It’s a long-term strategy, not a short one.

    4. avatar
      Chad Levitt says:

      @Dan- I agree that relationship building is a long-term investment if it is to be successful. The same holds true with your personal brand — it’s a long term investment and it even has the power to out live you because everything we put out into the digital world is archived.

      @Jacob- Your right. I know my favorite part of interacting with blogs outside of the knowledge I gain are the relationships I make with the blogger and others in their community..

      @Johnathan- This is my first time reading your content and I enjoyed your first post here on the personal branding blog. Looking forward to more!

    5. avatar
      yinka olaito says:

      Relationship is key to any endeavor.Relationships require investment in time and energy. let us take a cue from banking, if you keep withdrawing without deposit, your account will soon enter red. Let keep giving, it is a law that gurantee heavy returns at long last.

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    1. […] From Personal Branding: Your Personal Brand Has a Half-life “Relationships are only as strong as the value placed on the relationship by the least interested party. In other words – reciprocity defines the value of a relationship.” […]

    2. […] From Personal Branding: Your Personal Brand Has a Half-life “Relationships are only as strong as the value placed on the relationship by the least interested party. In other words – reciprocity defines the value of a relationship.” […]

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