11 Personal Branding Tips for a Hot Summer

Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean your personal brand should be.

How to build your personal brand this summer

This summer, you’ll either be on vacation, working, unemployed or some combination of those (hopefully more the first two). While you’re at it, here are some brand-building ideas:

1 ) Go mobile

Many people will head out on vacation, and they’ll take their cell phones with them. Prioritize mobile-friendly branding tactics – like social media – over others that people might leave behind at work.

2 ) Go local

Traveling abroad? Take a night off from vacationing to meet with (potential) local business contacts you might never had met in person otherwise.

3 ) Get your foot in the door

Need a summer job? Aim for the entry level jobs in your industry – even if you already have experience – as a great way to get your foot in the door and get yourself known by a potential year-round employer.

4 ) Make a great impression

Have a summer job? Be the person that everyone’s glad to have around, always in a good mood, supportive, appreciative and helpful.

5 ) Grow your network

Take advantage of beach parties, pool parties, barbecues, sports events and more to meet new people, especially people from outside your industry that can connect you with people who are in your industry.

6 ) Strengthen your network

Take advantage of beach parties, pool parties, barbecues, sports events and more to bond with people you know and would like to get to know better, perhaps discovering a way you can help them out.

7 ) Make things happen

Don’t have any beach parties, pool parties, bbq’s or sports events to enjoy and network at? Plan one yourself and make it happen. Everyone will thank you.

8 ) Focus on names

Instead of carrying around business cards everywhere non-business-oriented such as beach parties, pool parties, etc., make an effort to remember people’s full names so you can write them down later and add them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

9 ) Wear your brand

Have a personal logo? Put it on a t-shirt and wear it from time to time to get attention and questions about it.

10 ) Nurture your new relationships

Once the summer is over, stay in touch with most everyone that you met and liked and who liked you back.

11 ) Take note for the future

Finally, before you forget, start planning for next year based on what you learned this year.

Keep notes in a safe place that you can refer back to in the winter or spring (whenever it makes the most sense in your case) so that you’ll be even better prepared for growing your brand even more next summer.

Bonus tip

12 ) Take time off

No really. Force yourself if you have to. Burning out is not fun, so recharge your batteries when it’s most fun i.e. when everyone else is.

Happy Summer

That’s it for me. I’ll soon be heading out for my own summer fun which will also involve implementing these tips.

My next article here on The Personal Branding Blog will appear in September. Enjoy!


Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips and humor.