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  • 30 More Personal Branding Experts on Twitter

    After the success of my first list of personal branding experts to follow on Twitter, here’s the followup:

    1. Nance Rosen, @nancerosen
    2. Mohammed Al-Taee, @maltaee
    3. Harp Arora, @harparora
    4. Jan Melnik, @janmelnik
    5. Catherine Kaputa, @CatherineKaputa
    6. Cindy Kraft, @CFOCoach
    7. Deb Dib, @CEOCoach
    8. Gayle Howard, @GayleHoward
    9. Andy Robinson, @AndyInNaples
    10. Jason Alba, @jasonalba
    11. Jann Watt, @jannwatt3231178720_5e2c1c45a8
    12. Kim Batson, @CIO_Coach
    13. Krishna De, @krishnade
    14. Lauren Still, @laurenstill
    15. Lida Citroen, @LIDA360
    16. Louise Kursmark, @LouiseKursmark
    17. Mark Montoya, @markmontoya
    18. Michael Loban, @ideserveajob
    19. Mike Myatt, @mikemyatt
    20. Paul Copcutt, @paulcopcutt
    21. Phyllis Shabad, @phyllisshabad
    22. Rachel Gogos, @RachelGogos
    23. Randi Bussin, @myreinventure
    24. Ryan Rancatore, @RyanRancatore
    25. Susan Guarneri, @susanguarneri
    26. Tajdar O. Chaudry, @TajdarOC
    27. Walter Akana, @WalterAkana
    28. Karsten Füllhaas, @kfuellhaas (Switzerland – mostly in German)
    29. Ulrike Berlenbach, @Nussknackerin (Germany – German & English tweets)
    30. Mario Grobholz, @mariogrobholz (Germany – tweets in German)

    How to quickly follow them all

    twitteratorUse Twitterator.

    Enter your Twitter username and password, and then copy and paste the below url of a file containing the above experts’ Twitter usernames for your easy following:


    After you click Submit, Twitterator will get to work and the following process usually takes 1-2 minutes. If Twitterator gives you an error message (usually something about “Python”), just ignore it.


    Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips and humor.

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