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  • 33 Blog Post Ideas for the Personal Brand-Building Blogger

    Here are some blog post suggestions to help you successfully build your blog and your personal brand.

    For simplicity, I’m assuming that your personal brand is related to your profession.

    1. Tell an unusual personal story that exposes not-so-obvious insight about your work
    2. Make a short slideshow video about a trendy topic
    3. Critique a new tool that other people in your industry should know about
    4. Post a gallery of photos from an industry event (with photographers’ permission, of course)
    5. Use Flickr’s Creative Commons search to make a gallery of impressive work-related images
    6. Write a review of the most recent book in your niche that you finished reading
    7. Find a problem that you’re dealing with or have dealt with recently, and explain how you solved it
    8. Compile a How To guide with step-by-step images, aiming for a new topic that hasn’t been covered by many others yet
    9. List the most important issues/problems/trends in your profession today
    10. Talk about case studies with examples & stories from ‘real’ people i.e. non-experts
    11. Gather a long list of handy resources in one easy-to-bookmark article
    12. If you have one, give your unorthodox, original opinion on something well-known in your industry
    13. Break a top news story (if you can get it!)
    14. Collect the most popular articles in your industry on social media for a certain time frame and write your own short opinion of each
    15. Sum up recent industry news and write your own short take of each item
    16. Discuss surprising numbers or statistics that you recently discovered or learned about
    17. In detail, answer a specific, common question many people are asking
    18. Answer industry-related questions that people have posted on social media
    19. Interview someone who you believe may become a star in your industry
    20. Interview someone who is a star in your industry
    21. Interview yourself i.e. ask yourself the questions you’d most like to answer in an interview
    22. Predict the future of your industry or profession
    23. Describe the history of your profession, or one specific aspect of it, such as where certain terms come from
    24. Compare how your profession used to be with how it is today, and comment on whether the change has been good
    25. Write a lexicon of industry terms
    26. Run a group writing project on a thought-provoking topic that will get other bloggers blogging
    27. Summarize a long piece of industry research, saving people the time of going through all of it by themselves
    28. Ask for feedback from your readers about your blogging & your brand
    29. Respond to feedback from your readers about your blogging & your brand
    30. Describe a day in your life, or a day in the life of a certain kind of industry professional
    31. Create a list of your most popular blog posts
    32. Create a list of the most important/useful blog posts you’ve seen recently
    33. Explain to students why they would want to enter your profession


    Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips and humor.

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