4 Ways LinkedIn Premium Can Promote Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn is one of the best places to showcase your personal brand with hundreds of users joining daily. If you want to have more of impact online with increased opportunities consider the premium option, which was recently upgraded with a few more features.

How can you make your LinkedIn profile more powerful? By tapping into the best features this network has to offer, and focusing on the right areas.

The free version of LinkedIn is wonderful for making those new connections and engaging with other users. Once your personal brand has built a strong network, it may be time to explore the premium features. Let’s take a look at how these could be beneficial.

How to make the most out of LinkedIn Premium

Here are some key areas to focus on when making a transition into LinkedIn’s premium upgrade.

Tailored keyword suggestions – Your LinkedIn profile is now more readily found in search engines with specific keywords for your personal brand. Just edit your Summary and enter in the terms that best fit your niche.

Turn on your premium profile – Make sure this setting is on in your profile in order to be more visible in search. This great option creates a more prominent placement on search engines.

Find out how you rank – Take advantage of this great new feature, which allows a premium user to view how they measure up to the competition, including those in their network. This is now located in the the new tab of Who’s viewed your profile.

Stand out with a larger profile photo – This new upgrade gives our personal brand on LinkedIn Premium a much larger picture with a custom background image. Choose this from their library or upload an image from your own photos.

LinkedIn is powerful as a free network, but with an upgrade to the premium features you can give your personal brand more exposure and leverage.