Are you searching for your next job, or are you seriously preparing for the next part of your career path?

There’s some very good news this year for finding a job.  “eEmployers expect to hire 13 percent more new college graduates from the Class of 2013 than they did from the Class of 2012”, according to NACE’s Job Outlook 2013 survey.

Companies are not just hiring bodies anymore that seem to fit and might move the needle. They are taking their time to find the very best skilled people with the best personalities for their culture, that also bring intangibles that are needed in today’s corporate culture and business world.

Imperative to your success in finding a job and attracting the companies you want to work for will be doing the research and preparing your resume and yourself for that process.

  • What are your core skills, unique qualities and key accomplishments that match the jobs you are applying to?
  • Have your resume professionally written.
  • Have a professional headshot.

These 5 intangibles can brand  you to stand out and be perceived as a premium.


Those that can adapt to personnel, policy and leadership change with a ‘can do’ attitude will be valuable assets to their work teams and workplace.

Works Well With Others

Working together with people of differing generations, cultures and demographics is more and more important as our workplace becomes more culturally diverse. Your ‘human relations’ skills including developing rapport, listening, delegating with respect will be what makes you an important asset to any team.

Shows Initiative

Own your job and step up daily, instead of just showing up, will make you stand out. This is what the awesome program “Undercover Boss is all about. The employees they feature have a strong sense of personal pride and work ethic, regardless of work conditions and their personal lives.


Be willing to do more tasks, jobs and take on more responsibility than ever before. Expect it and get prepared for it.

Ooze Positivity

Nothing is more magnetic and powerful than someone who is a bright spot in everyone’s day  with a positive attitude of gratitude and willingness. Leave the personal, heavy stuff at home and come to work ready to greet colleagues and customers and make their day better.

What are the intangibles that you have that can make you stand out?


Deborah Shane was named a Top 100 Small Business Champion for 2012 and Top 100 Small Business Podcast 2013 by! She is the  Author of Career Transition-make the shift, a personal branding strategist, social media catalyst, writer and speaker. She hosts a weekly blog and a small business radio podcast with over 250k downloads. Deborah’s articles are featured on and regularly quoted in,,, and Monster. Engage with her @DeborahShane and visit her at