When it comes to personal branding, Gen Y’ers have a few tricks up their sleeves. With their knowledge of effectively using a variety of social media platforms, Gen Y knows what it takes to build a strong personal brand.

Personal branding is an essential tool for job seekers — and Gen Y’ers understand how to do it right. Not only do Gen Y’ers have the knowledge, but they are also inspired by their passions. This allows them to create a unique brand which helps them stand out in the growing pool of job seekers.

If you’re wondering what you can learn from Gen Y’ers about personal branding, here are some reasons they’re successful:

1. They’re creative. Generation Y is one of the most creative and innovative generations yet. Their ability to think outside of the box and knowledge of technology and design gives them an advantage in their branding strategy. Because of this, Gen Y’ers can build a unique brand which displays characteristics of their personality and their passions.

2. They aren’t afraid to take risks. Gen Y’ers are immersed in the trends of marketing and personal branding. They’re more likely to discover the latest social media platforms and experiment with those tools to expand their brand. Millennials use new platforms to have a competitive edge and increase their ability to be discovered by recruiters.

3. They understand how social media works. The most important tool for personal branding is social media — and Gen Y’ers know exactly how to utilize it to its best potential. From creating personal websites to marketing their brand on Twitter and LinkedIn, Gen Y knows how to market themselves through their personal brand.

4. They realize branding is crucial to their job search. Gen Y’ers know that in order to stand out in the job market they must have a strong personal brand. College graduates who brand themselves as talented professionals will have an edge on their competition when looking for entry-level positions. Gen Y’ers also understand how recruiters use Google to discover who they are before the interview.

5. They know how to network through branding. Gen Y’ers are the masters of building their personal brand through networking. Networking is one of the most important tools during the job search, and a strong online presence helps job seekers discover more opportunities — ones they wouldn’t have without having a strong online presence.

Gen Y’ers are leading the way in this strategy and serve as a great example of how to advance one’s career with a personal brand. They know that in order to be noticed by employers they must market themselves through social media platforms and creative design strategies. By paying attention to Gen Y’ers and their lead in personal branding, any job seeker will be able create a personal brand which will provide the advantage they need during their job search.