5 Ways Your Personal Brand Can Bring Up the Quality of Your Website

Personal Branding
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A professional website for your personal brand is important in building a professional reputation and attracting the visitors. The graphics and content are also the point of reference from which all other of your online properties tie into.

By using the latest templates and responsive designs your brand can bring more visibility at a much lower cost that what used to be. Your content should be stand out to both search engines and potential subscribers. Here are five ways to improve your website for better conversions:

  • Quality is key – In order to be noticed your articles and pages should be focused on fresh and original information that your target market finds useful. Include images and bold headlines in order to break up your text — this is especially important for readability on mobile devices. Always check for any spelling and grammar errors and keep the length of your posts limited to no more than 1600 words.
  • Check your headlines – Make sure your titles catch the reader’s eye right away — otherwise they may head off quickly to your competitor’s website. Google also takes notice of this and also checks for content relevance as it relates to your headline.
  • Include facts and figures – Re-purpose old content into infographics, slideshows, or videos. This makes the content more fun and interactive for the reader and encourages your visitors to subscribe for more information. Share these visuals on places like Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube for more visibility.
  • Use a creative opt-in box – This is one of the most important elements of a branded website, and should be simple yet very clear about what a visitor is signing up for. Be sure that your opt-in box matches your logo and color schemes, and is prominently placed on your landing page.
  • Show real testimonials – You want your audience to see you as a trusted, professional source that can show real results. Provide actual case studies or feedback from real clients that can be verified online. This will also humanize your brand and take out any guesswork for your visitors.

A stand-out website that gets noticed pays attention to having a modern design with well-optimized content that is original and engaging to readers. Invest the time to to implement these steps and gain more loyal subscribers with higher rankings in search.