shutterstock_289229240Working to increase following on social media automatically bring up a few problematic situations:

1. In the early stage of business, it appears as if more people un-follow than follow you – if that’s even possible.

2. Trying to increase numbers is time consuming and detracts from value driven projects.

3. You begin to wonder if the effort is even worthwhile or should it be dropped.

Understand that with the right tools and strategies in place, it’s easy to steadily build your number of followers while pursuing your major goals for business.

Time Allotment

The worst error is to try to appear on every popular site. Instead, pick your own top 3 favorite sites for a concentrated effort. You will find phone apps highly time efficient. In particular, when you are waiting for a meeting to begin or while standing in line, these are perfect opportunities to bring up the app to take care of business.

Grow Twitter Followings:

Many people are selling lists of followers claiming to be appropriate for your business. In life, do you pay people to be your friend? A true friend, follower, or someone you follow is a person with whom you feel a connection. This includes an interest in the beliefs and/or work of one another.

Adhering to this principle, work daily on connecting with like-minded people. You will have more success in retaining your followings. The best way to grow numbers is to simply share your best advice. No payment is needed; simply give your best in order to attract the best. Rigorous adherence to this up to an hour each day will have your numbers slowly but steadily increasing.


Three times per day quickly scroll down your home page to see the current postings of your friends. Like and comment those you like best to show your support. On your own page, add information that people may find of use whether it’s a poster, blog, article or thought for the day.


Create aYouTube channel for viewers to get to know you and hear your information first hand. Once the videos are created, you may post them in the middle of your blogs and articles, or share on other sites.


Connect with people in your field and in complementary fields. Should uncertainty be yours in regard to connecting, read the other person’s profile to see if it’s of interest. An excellent strategy is to ask to connect with people who have already achieved the level of expertise where you see yourself headed.


Your expertise is unique to you; your approach is different from everyone else in your industry. Write and distribute articles about what you know to work the best, and publish on the sites where you are most active.


Promotion, branding and marketing overlap one another and the idea of doing all of it by yourself may be very overwhelming. But by joining a group dedicated to helping one another, and willing to re-post for each other, will provide you with a much wider distribution of exponential proportion.

When you take the time to figure out which venues play to your strengths, you intermingle these, and join a group of like-minded people to promote one another, you will not only have a power branding program in place but also a recognized strong personal brand with followers rising in numbers very quickly.

As these practices become routine, you will enjoy the Smooth Sale!