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  • A Secret For Dressing Like A C.E.O.

    Dressing for success is not just about your attire.

    Walk into the office of any CEO and look at his/her desk. You will almost always find a space that is neat and free of clutter. There are a lot of factors that go into being successful. Among them are being well-organized and highly productive.

    Unfortunately, many young employees, especially those just out of college, treat their workspaces like dorm rooms. What impression do you think you are giving your colleagues and your boss if it looks like a tornado attacked your desk, cubicle, or office?

    I once had a colleague whose cubicle looked like a garbage dump. His area was full of trash, leftover food, and unorganized stacks of papers and folders. Not surprisingly, his performance was less than stellar. It’s hard to be efficient when it takes 15 minutes to find your stapler.

    Another one of my former colleagues actually had a life-sized Britney Spears poster in his cubicle. (This was 8 years ago when Britney was at her peak.) Pictures of friends/family are fine. Posters of scantily-clad celebrities are not.

    By keeping your workspace neat and professional, you will appear to have everything under control (even if you really don’t). You will also be more productive, more focused, and more relaxed because you will have taken the time to assign a place for all of your “stuff.”

    The appearance of your workspace contributes to your personal brand at work and how your colleagues will perceive you. Make sure you dress your desk for success.


    Pete Leibman is the Founder of Dream Job Academy and the Author of the new book titled “I Got My Dream Job and So Can You” (AMACOM, 2012).  His career advice has been featured on Fox, CBS, and CNN, and he is a popular Keynote Speaker at career events for college students and at conferences for people who work with college students.

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