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  • Adam Corolla’s Method to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

    Adam Corolla is a radio personality, comedian, actor and television host recognized as Hollywood’s most successful soloprenuer masquerading as a comedian.
    Adam is best known for hosting the “Adam Corolla Show,” which is his own personal show that began as a radio program but is now a hugely successful talk show that is distributed via podcast.

    During its debut week, Adam’s podcast recorded 1.6 million downloads and garnered an impressive 2.4 million downloads on its second week. Over the course of its first year, it was downloaded a total of 50 million times, earning it the honor of being named iTunes‘ “Best Audio Podcast of 2009.”

    Due to his podcast show’s success, it’s fairly safe to say that Adam knows how to create something hugely successful, like his current podcast, out of something seemingly less consequential, like his radio show.

    Read below to learn more about Adam’s success and what we can learn from it in regards to brand building:

    Play to Your Strengths and Roll With the Punches

    Adam enjoyed the opinion part of broadcasting and could do without the marketing aspects and time restraints that are part of a traditional radio talk show. Therefore, a podcast was the perfect outlet for him once the radio station that his show was on went under.

    Since he no longer had to play by any rules sent down by the radio station, such as timed breaks, he was free to let his podcasts go where they may, and this played to his strengths as a comedian.

    Adam himself once said in an interview that podcasting is “all the great stuff about a radio show with none of the extra stuff that goes into broadcasting.”

    Be Seen and Heard and Create a Loyal Audience

    Adam was fortunate enough to already have a popular radio show that he transformed into a successful podcast show. This earned him instant loyal listeners who switched from listening to him on radio to podcast.

    Furthermore, his popularity helped him land spots on “The Tonight Show,” “Dancing With the Stars,” and “Jimmy Kimmel,” where he was able to plug his show. This is a benefit he has that is not available to many who are starting out in the podcast industry.

    Regardless, we can learn from Adam that the important aspect is to create loyal fans and plug your show whenever and wherever you can.

    Offer Something Different

    During an interview, Adam said “it’s really hard to tell what brings ears and eyeballs over to whatever you’re doing. It’s really difficult. I mean ultimately, putting out a product that people respond to is the most important aspect of it.”

    There you have it folks, putting out a product that people respond to, which is different from the everyday and gives them something extra, is key to successful brand building and crucial in successful podcasting.

    Time Your Move Correctly in Correlation With Trends

    In years past, each city would have a radio personality all its own that they would showcase on the radio waves. However, over the years, thanks to popularity of satellite radio, iPods and computers, people are now listening to radio shows from states away.

    Subsequently, radio stations have moved away from talk shows in favor of music only as it is cheaper to play music than to pay for a talk show host.

    Therefore, podcasts and satellite radio have become the more popular way to listen to your favorite talk shows. The timing was beneficial for Adam to move from radio to a podcast show, and timing is always key in brand creation and success of any kind.

    Be Around Movers and Shakers

    Adam has communicated the importance of being around people who can make things happen in many of his past interviews.

    To be around movers and shakers means forming friendships with people in the field you wish to be in and just waiting until a perfect opportunity comes up, and then being there to put your hat in the ring.

    Adam once said that he believes that just being in the right place at the right time, around the right people can play a huge role in the opportunities you are given.

    Don’t Think You’re Special

    It really doesn’t matter what you think about yourself, it matters what your producer or boss and your customers or listeners think of you.

    Therefore, while it’s important to have confidence in your abilities, don’t rely on them only for success, because more than likely, you are not that much better than anyone else doing the job.

    To be a success, you don’t even have to be smarter or better than everyone else. You just have to help people more than anyone else.

    The points listed above are all reasons that Adam has been a huge success and has created a widely recognized power brand. Regardless of your field, by following the tips above, you too can have success in your own arena and create a renowned power brand for yourself.

    Best-selling author and entrepreneur, Brian Horn, helps professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses "authority marketing" to get them national media exposure. His unique method has been talked about and covered on The Howard Stern Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Perez Hilton, CBS, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. Inc Magazine even named Brian an "emerging business leader to watch."

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