AI and 3D technology reshape media landscape

3D Technology

The world is currently witnessing an immense technological disruption in the media industry, thanks to advancements in computer processing, data transmission, artificial intelligence (AI), and 3D video technology. AI is making tailoring content delivery and analytics possible while 3D videos are leveling up the visual experience. The boon does come with challenges though, including potential threats to data privacy and security.

Over the past year, 3D media consumption and generative AI, used in creative content production, have become more common. Different sectors, including healthcare, education, and e-commerce, are experiencing the benefits of AI. Despite challenges such as data privacy, AI ethics, and job displacement, AI integration provides significant opportunities and advancements.

The public relations (PR) industry is adapting to these advancements, shifting towards controlling digital media narratives. Innovators and entrepreneurs are at the helm of these changes, leveraging technology for PR practitioners.

AI and 3D transformation in PR industry

Companies like Sweden’s Gullers Grupp use AI for regulation and government affairs management and use machine learning for business trend forecasts.

In the Philippines, AI is making waves in content generation for PR. AI influencers are emerging as strong competition to human influencers, shifting industry standards. Globally, the credibility of AI influencers is growing, leading to an AI revolution in content creation and transforming the PR landscape.

A PR agency in Colombia, Tank, uses AI and virtual reality to improve services. The AI tools predict social media posts’ engagement metrics and virtual reality aids in crisis management training. With these strategies, Tank is pushing traditional PR boundaries and staying competitive.

The integration of AI and 3D technologies in the media and PR industry marks the beginning of a new digital age characterized by innovation and transformation. This combo could revolutionize media and PR firms’ functioning and pave the way for exciting developments and reforms. A new era of creating immersive experiences, reshaping the media landscape, and blurring the lines between the virtual and real worlds could be on the horizon.