AI-driven tool introduced by Constant Contact

AI-driven Tool

Constant Contact, a renowned email campaign management firm, has introduced a revolutionary tool driven by Artificial Intelligence for small to medium-sized businesses. This innovative tool aims to simplify the marketing process, utilizing unique machine learning algorithms to predict customer preferences and strategize personalized marketing campaigns.

Designed for businesses that may typically struggle to penetrate the market, this tool offers a competitive advantage, operating with a unique blend of functionality and technological evolution. Besides aiding growth, it levels the playing field and fosters success, irrespective of size. Powered by advanced generative AI, the tool is equipped with features like campaign timeline construction and detailed business strategy formulation, making it an efficient solution for brands.

For instance, the AI-tool successfully devised a three-week promotional schedule for a New York-based food truck selling Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas. This strategy not only boosted visitor numbers but also greatly improved customer experience, delivering a surge in customer engagement and sales.

AI tool simplifies marketing for SMBs

It demonstrates the potential of the tool in crafting effective marketing strategies tailored to the business’s unique needs.

The tool’s functionality extends beyond planning. It seamlessly integrates with social media profiles, schedules content posts consistently, and handles digital tasks associated with campaign management effectively. It even manages ticket costing and integrates with established payment platforms like Stripe and PayPal for a smooth transaction experience.

For potential users to familiarize themselves with its capabilities, the tool is available for a free 30-day trial. After the trial, it is available at $35 per month. In the future, Constant Contact aims to develop a specialized version of the Campaign Builder for marketing firms and independent freelancers, thereby further expanding its reach and usability.