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    Three Tips for Crafting Your 2015 Professional Vision Board

    Are you refreshing your personal brand in 2015 or looking to reinvent yourself and go into a new profession? A vision board may help you crystallize your 2015 goals.

    Vision boards are simply visual representations of your goals. They can be digital or physical collages of images representing your targets. Some  create vision boards using …

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    Six Tactics to Increase the ROI of Attending Conferences

    Whether you’re a business professional or entrepreneur, there’s a good chance you’ll benefit from attending a conference. Trade shows, annual conventions and industry meetings are a great way to attract clients and network for future job opportunities.

    Do you want to get the very best ROI possible when attending industry events?

    Six Tips for Getting…
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    What Every Woman Needs to Know About Personal Branding

    Creating a strong personal brand can pose a challenge for anyone. Women, however, may have a few extra hurdles. Karen McCullough, branding and generations expert and author of the book, The Seven Women Project, offers advice for women seeking to build a new brand.

    Q. As a professional speaker who speaks to Fortune 100 companies …

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    How To Update Your Personal Brand After Changing Careers

    The average Baby Boomer has held eleven jobs from ages 18 to 46, according the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, but it is estimated that Millenials are expected to have as many as 20 jobs in their lifetimes! In a climate ripe with unemployment, underemployment and a strong desire to “do something that makes a …

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    Four Tips for Greater Speech Engagement and Excitement

    In an age where we have the ability to switch between information and entertainment constantly in the palm of our hands, keeping the average adult’s attention for more than five minutes is a serious undertaking. I’m often asked by aspiring professional speakers as well as people who just want to give great talks how they …

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    One Simple Tip To Immediately Increase Social Media Engagement

    Between April 1 and July 31 of this year, social media optimization platform SocialFlow conducted a study collecting data from 1.6 million organic posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. They found that an amazing ninety-nine percent of non-paid posts generated little to no engagement at all.

    If you’re using social media to build your personal …

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    Wow Prospects and Influencers: 3 Social Media Daily Tasks

    Social media allows professionals to construct strong business relationships leveraging insights and data previously unavailable pre new millennium. So why are so many professionals wasting time, not getting results?  They typically have a weak personal brand and network, and don’t invest time building relationships.

    Create a Strong Network

    Prior to joining any social network for …

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    You’re Losing Money by not Using These Prospecting Tips

    How to leverage Google and LinkedIn for high-level prospecting.

    One of the things that surfaces when I’m training sales professionals is how much time many of them waste on social media by not being strategic. Instead, they find themselves watching cat videos, playing Candy Crush, or reading endless tweets. I won’t even get started on …

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    The Three Most Awesome and Horrible People on Social Media

    Not all social media users are created equal. While some people attract desired social media connections in droves, others repel even before a contact accepts a connection/friend request.

    Three Most Awesome People on Social Media

    The Entertainer

    The Entertainer consistently puts a smile of the face of her connections and followers. Her posts may or …

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    Not Getting Results Using Social Media? Here’s Why

    Three simple tactics for getting measureable business results using social media.

    Approximately 73% of online adults use some form of social media. Chances are your next hiring manager, client, or strategic partner are either using social media, or one of their close connections are. As professionals, we now have previously unheard of free access to …

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