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    Personal Branding With The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

    Overnight success is one of the biggest illusions with your personal brand. Why? Because think of some of the BIGGEST personal brands you can think of.

    Perhaps you are thinking some of the cliche names. Oprah. Or Donald Trump. Or Richard Branson.

    Or in the new age of personal branding entrepreneurship: Gary Vaynerchuk. Chris Brogan.…

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    5 Ways to Classify Your Brand Using a Media Personality Scale

    If you are like me and pick up your remote to watch…I mean flip through…reality trash television to find something decent on TV, you will probably notice a SLEW of talk show hosts and other personality-driven shows. It seems like every other channel has some form of chat or strong personality.

    Some of these hosts, …

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