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    Stop Talking About These Three Things!

    When building a business or career, you are always conscious of your reputation and “brand.” And nothing can be more powerful or damaging than the things you say or talk about most. Below are three statements or conversations that people tend to frequently use or talk about that can be quite damaging or at the …

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    Do You Professionally Text?

    Hey, January 2025 professional… check out this app. It allows you to select someone from your contact list and then with a push of a button sends a signal to that person alerting them that you are trying to connect. If they wish, they can accept the incoming communication with you, and  at that point …

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    How Many Influencer Meetings Did You Have This Month?

    Business owners understand the importance of consistently meeting new people. Meeting a ton of new people is great but very sharp professionals are very intentional with their networking and care more about the quality of people they are spending time with. We all know your attitude and income is a reflection of who you spend …

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    Why I Fired One Of My Business Coaches

    It’s a new year… what a great season for personal trainers to engage in relationships with clients that want to get into physical shape in 2014. What a great time for business owners and professionals to find a business coach or consultant to help them be more productive or profitable in 2014.

    I have had …

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    Talking Toy Leadership

    My wife bought my niece a “My Little Pony” unicorn toy for Christmas. I didn’t even know My Little Pony still existed but apparently that is what my niece wanted.  I didn’t exactly check out the toy before my wife wrapped it so I was just as surprised as my niece when she tore open …

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    New Beer Flavor Showcases Marketing Leverage

    I was at a friend’s house this weekend and he offered me a new beer that just came to market in Rhode Island a few weeks ago. I accepted his offer to try the Narragansett Brewing Company’s “Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout.” After trying the new, limited edition brew, my mind started thinking about what small …

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    Can’t Resist a Handshake

    Last week we witnessed a very scrutinized handshake at Nelson Mandela’s celebration. Unless you have been unplugged for the past week, you saw Obama and Raul Castro, brother to Fidel, grasp hands. No matter what side of the political fence you are on, we have seen the power of touch and significance of a handshake. …

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    What’s Your New Relationship Plan for 2014?

    Most successful people will agree that the trajectory of your career (or life) will be dictated by the relationships you build and the experiences you have. As 2013 comes to a close, many professionals and business owners are spending time planning out their 2014 commitments and goals. Business plans can turn into a joke as …

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    Reading People Through Their Web Presence

    Have you ever received an email from someone where the entire message was simply in the subject line and the body of the email was left blank? What about the Facebook friend that likes anything you post within two minutes of updating your status? How are you studying someone’s virtual presence in order to better …

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