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    5 Questions to Ask When Defining Your Personal Brand

    Whether you’re an accountant, entrepreneur, or writer, any type of professional can benefit from building a personal brand.

    When creating your personal brand, the most important (but most difficult) step is to define yourself as a professional. Your personal brand isn’t just something you use to market yourself to employers or other professionals; it’s who …

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    10 Words to Never Use for Your Personal Brand

    Everyone has a unique personal brand.

    When it comes to defining your personal brand, it’s important to be very careful in what you say when describing yourself. Words are incredibly powerful and can be interpreted in a number of different ways when misused.

    To protect your reputation and your brand, it’s absolutely necessary you avoid …

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    How to Research Your Personal Brand

    You’ve recently heard that, if you want to impress employers, you need a strong personal brand. Although you have an idea of what personal branding is, you have no idea how to identify your brand or how to build one.

    When it comes to building a strong personal brand, your first step is to figure …

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    How to Overcome Office Politics

    You’re sitting in the breakroom enjoying your lunch when you overhear your coworker talking about your boss getting fired because he lied to his supervisor. As you listen closely to the conversation, you find the story hard to believe. After lunch, you decide to confront your boss about the situation, and it turns out, it …

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    How to Create Better Content for Your Personal Brand

    A common misconception shared by job seekers is that personal branding is “all about me.”

    The reality: your personal brand is about showing your network how you can help them with your skills and expertise. Your offering as a professional is the reason why people connect and engage in conversations with you.

    If you’ve spent …

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    6 Ways to Manage Your Personal Brand in 5 Minutes Per Day

    Let’s be honest, trying to find balance between our careers, friends and family, and personal branding is a lot of work.

    However, managing your personal brand doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. The trick to managing your personal brand is making priorities for your brand and sticking to them.

    If you want to …

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    How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions

    When preparing for job interviews, many job seekers focus on crafting answers to hard questions.

    “What is your greatest weakness?”

    “If you were an emoji, which one would you be?”

    Although preparing for these tough questions is good practice, it can be easy to overlook some of the more tricky interview questions hiring managers ask.…

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    Marketing Your Personality Type During an Interview

    When it comes to performing well in a job interview, your personality is the most unique quality you bring to the table.

    Although hard skills and experience are strong influencers during the hiring process, many employers hire for personality. In fact, 45 percent of hiring managers believe “cultural fit” is one of the most important …

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    4 Thoughtful Ways to Recognize Your Mentor

    Take a moment to think about where you are today and how you arrived at your current job. Were there any special people who helped you accomplish your career goals?

    An important element of building a strong personal brand is thanking the people who helped you achieve your dreams. Mentors and colleagues play a huge …

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    5 Steps to Making the Best Connections

    Most job seekers know connections are important. Especially when about 70 percent of job postings aren’t advertised, it’s all about who you know when trying to find a job.

    According to a recent survey, 92 percent of recruiters said they made a hiring decision because the candidate was a personal connection or they heard about …

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