Author: Kristen Fischer

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Your Branding – Super Bowl or Super Bust?

This year’s Super Bowl was quite the event from the heart-racing game play to the 34-minute power outage. One thing that also stood out were the ads–or lake thereof.

Don’t get me wrong…I definitely think there were some winners. Anheuser-Busch’s Clydessdale ad was a sweet addition and Jeep hit it out of the park with …

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Creative Professionals Need Resumes for Personal Branding, Too

I preach often that creative professionals need to have resumes. Case in point: My latest post over at the Creative Freelancer Blog.

I was thinking about some of the mixed views I’ve heard regarding this, and it really baffles me. Why do creative professionals think they don’t need resumes, or that resumes do not apply …

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Create Your Personal Brand…then Be It!

I just finished writing my third book and included a section on branding. Putting it together was eye-opening because it forced me to think about my personal brand. After all, in telling other creative professionals how to innovate and advance their brands, I thought about whether I was following my own advice.

One thing I …