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    Coworkers Driving You Crazy? Repeat These 6 Affirmations


    Sometimes office life can cause a bit of personal strife, as certain personalities just have a way of not mixing. There’s nothing you can do to solve this problem, but you must find a way to cope. When Susie from Sales is giving you a migraine, or Ben from Accounting makes you want to pop …

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    5 Elevator Pitches That Pique the Curiosity

    Elevator Pitch

    You’re at that pivotal point in your entrepreneurial journey. It’s time to secure an investor. You’re ready to take the next step, and want to partner with a business minded person who understands your specific needs. You managed to peak the interest of several big name money makers, and it’s time to move on to …

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    7 Behaviors That Cost You Your Best Employees

    taking risks

    If you don’t respect, value, and challenge your best employees; know this. They will look for other opportunities. Smart, talented people can find jobs anywhere. As a matter of fact, your best employees probably have two other companies beating down their door at this very moment. But, if they feel loyal to your company, they …

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    Unbrand Yourself the Office Newbie

    Computer Working

    You got the job. You’re super pumped. No more living off ramen noodles. Time to take on the corporate world. Unfortunately, day one is nothing to write home about. Even though you have a college degree, no one seems to care. You’re super disappointed, and don’t want to waste the next 8 months struggling to …

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    4 Branding Tips That Help Increase Customer Loyalty

    VR Changing the Workforce

    If you’re a small business owner looking to build a company that transcends generations, then you must respect the importance and power of branding. Your business is more than a business. It’s a brand. It’s an organization. It’s a living, breathing community. Whenever possible, you must inject a bit of personality into your marketing materials, …

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    5 Signs That Preach Progress in a Startup Environment

    Personal Brand Niche

    As a startup owner, you obviously want to figure out the best way to measure success. In the early stages of business ownership, financial gains are not necessarily a good measure of forward movement. Instead, look out for these positive reinforcers.

    1. The industry is taking note.

    If your competition is starting to get a …

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    How to Not Be Just Another Boring E-commerce Site

    Entrepreneur Idols

    Anybody can use a drag and drop website builder, upload a few products, and launch an e-commerce store. But, not everybody will experience success with this business venture. Here’s how to make your online store stand out from the rest.

    When hiring, look for good cultural fits.

    To some, e-commerce is still a fairly new …

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    5 Rules to Follow When Dealing with Lazy Employees

    Employees Quitting

    As CEO’s, we’ve all been there right? One day, your employees are performing at their peak, and then the next, they won’t even lift a finger. You don’t want to bring down the hammer, because that might decrease productivity and encourage rebellion.

    So, seriously, what do you do?

    No one likes to be the bad …

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