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    The Truth about Acting, Marketing, and Personal Branding

    I have noticed recently that marketing, acting, and personal branding are intertwined in many different ways. The two seemingly different careers (or strategies) embrace similar goals. All three are in the business of storytelling, true or false?

    1. Marketing is an integrated process by which companies create interest in a product or service.

    3. Personal …

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    Only the Passionate will Survive

    I’m going to be completely transparent with you right now… not because it is something all of us “preach” in the world of Internet communication… but because this is where real and meaningful content is created.

    The pulse

    I’ve been dragging through my life the past couple of months and I’m trying to put my …

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    10 Ways to Building Your Personal Brand Story

    You’re looking to build your personal brand but don’t know where to start. First thing is first. You must first have a story. Your life story, your professional story, whatever story is most relevant to establishing your personal brand.

    Chapter 1: The beginning is where you take the time to define yourself. Where did you …

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    Facebook Stories and Your Personal Brand

    The world is indeed becoming a small place and we all know that social media is a major reason why. As Facebook celebrated 500 million users on July 22, 2010 we can see how the world is becoming a much more open place. Facebook users come from all over the world. People are able to …

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    5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand through Twitter

    A goal among many is to create an online presence. Essentially you want to make a name for yourself online.You want people to associate your face with your brand, and an easy way to do this is through social media. Twitter is a great tool to use when trying to reach your audience. There are …

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    How to Make Your Social Networking Stand Out

    What makes a social media plan work, especially in the world of personal branding?

    Huffington Post recently visited this topic and gave insight into some of The Best Publishers On Twitter And Facebook.  The publishers mentioned demonstrate successful social media plans. I wanted to look at the different ways to promote your personal brand through …

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    Is Twitter More Important than LinkedIn for Personal Branding?

    I love polling. Sometimes you take it for what it’s worth… and sometimes it blows you away. Sometimes… you could care less. I stumbled across a post by ReadWriteWeb about a polling completed on LinkedIn asking their members What is the most important new platform for brands to master?

    Are you with the masses?

    Talk …

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    How Much Are You Worth?

    How do you rate the your value on the marketplace? How do you figure out how much you are actually worth? How much should you charge a potential client?

    Let’s say you determine this through how much and how you are paid. Is that hourly? Salary? Project to project? I read a blog by Seth …

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    The Danger of Becoming Complacent

    I am reading the book Only the Paranoid Survive by Andrew Grove (Co-founder of Intel). In the book he talks about the inertia of success and how in some ways… it can lead to the defeat of your business and personal brand in the long haul.

    The ongoing search

    We are all searching for success …

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    I Do Not Use Correct Punctuation. So What?

    I have had a couple of conversations over the past week pertaining to my use of correct (or lack of) punctuation in my blog posts. There are many that have lectured me over the correct use of punctuation and grammar when writing my blog… (there it goes) simply because of my so-called lack of professionalism.…

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