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    Metrics to Measure Your Personal Brand

    How well branded are you? One way to find out is to use metrics – something you can measure against.

    The metrics below don’t necessarily measure how effective your personal brand is (go to a personal branding consultant for that), but they do measure your online visibility and engagement.

    1. Do a Google search for …

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    Your Personal Branding Worksheet

    Today we’re going to uncover what makes you uniquely you. We’re going to go through your vision, purpose, values, goals, and extract the core of your personal brand.

    This worksheet is a slightly adapted version of the original by Meg Guiseppi, a good friend of mine and a leading Personal Branding Expert for executives.

    Save …

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    Controlling Your Google Results: The Art and Science of the Personal Press Release

    Problem: Googling your name doesn’t accurately reflect who you are or what you do.

    Solution: Issue a personal press release about a recent accomplishment or noteworthy event to fill Google results for your name with relevant, on-brand content.

    1. Choose a topic

    First, decide on a newsworthy event or accomplishment you will announce, such as:…

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    Brand-Yourself.com Launches Platform to Manage Your Personal Brand Online

    As the Wednesday columnist for Personal Branding Blog, I’m excited to announce my team and I just officially launched Brand-Yourself.com, a new platform that demystifies the process of building your personal brand using social media. In honor of you and the loyal personal branding community here, we’re giving away 100 free extended free trials if …

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    5 Questions To Ensure Your Writing Strengthens Your Personal Brand

    Whether you’re a job applicant applying for a position, a freelancer trying to attract clients, or an employee climbing the corporate ladder, your ability to effectively communicate is one of your most valuable assets.

    Everything you write has a very specific audience. Are you keeping your audience in mind when you write? To effectively impact …

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    Learn From Well Branded Student Meagan Burns

    I came across Meagan Burns, a Junior at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, when she followed me on Twitter. After checking out her web presence, I was struck how well she’d successfully hit on the fundamentals of personal branding.

    She’s also built a seriously awesome online presence. You should take a page out …

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    5 Tips to Communicate More Effectively

    If you haven’t heard about the napping transit worker who was caught on TwitPic and the firestorm of controversy that ensued, there’s a lesson to be learned: it only takes one tweet to capture you a moment that kills your personal brand. Which got me thinking about another medium that quickly spreads: email.

    Take 5…
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    4 Personal Branding Tips Learned From Corporations

    Companies have long understood the power of branding. They spend millions of dollars a year making a brand promise to customers that goes beyond the technical and physical attributes of a particular product. They build an identity that customers feel safe choosing over the competition.

    So, what four specific takeaways can you get from corporate …

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    How to Build Your Brand Through Blog Comments

    When you leave blog comments, do you have a goal in mind?

    Believe it or not, blog comments are an excellent way to build relationships with key people in your field (find them on AllTop and Technorati), create positive touchpoints for your personal brand, and demonstrate your ability to synthesize information, provide insight and draw …

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    4 Ways to the Latest in Personal Branding

    The fact that you’re on Personal Branding Blog right now means you’re already ahead of the curve differentiating yourself for career success. And all of us contributors are thankful for you taking the time to hear what we have to say – and applying our knowledge to your life to boost your career. The next …

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