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    Tailor Your Personal Brand to HR and Hiring Managers

    You already know that your resume is a marketing document, not a job history. You also know that your resume isn’t about you — it’s about your audience.

    When working through the job search, your personal brand (and your resume) needs to speak to several audiences. It needs to speak to a computer program to …

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    Does Your Resume Do These Four Key Things?

    Your resume has to accomplish a lot in this economy.

    It needs to speak in the right language, it needs to tell the story of your personal brand and it needs to focus on the right thing (hint: it’s not you or your work history).

    But, when push comes to shove, your resume really needs …

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    Do You Handle Rejection or Does It Handle You?

    Dealing with rejection is a major bummer.

    Whether it is from a date, a client or a job posting, rejection tends to bring up the worst kind of questions in ourselves: the plague of self-doubt.

    “Was it me? Am I good enough? Of course I’m not good enough. I knew this would happen!”

    And before …

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    Five Aspects of Your Personal Brand You’re Forgetting

    It’s easy to overlook core aspects of your personal brand.


    Well, for the same reason that Coke hires an agency to make their Super Bowl ads. Its a heck-of-a-lot easier to look at someone’s else’s personal brand and dissect it or improve it than it is our own.

    True story.

    To help with this, …

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    Instant Access to the Underground Job Market

    I’m sure you’ve heard the stats that 80% of jobs are never advertised.

    And yet the vast majority of job seekers compete, day in and day out for the same 20% of jobs that have the most ruthless competition and the lowest likelihood of resulting in a job offer.

    It makes no sense and job …

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    10 Ways to Not Get Hired

    Today’s job market doesn’t give you the wiggle room to be anything less than exceptional. We’ve covered these key challenges in the relevant sections of this guide, so if you follow it, you’ll be covered! That said, it’s good to keep these major pitfalls at the top of your mind. Don’t be that guy.

    Want …

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    Do You Interview Like a Pro?

    I often hear how nerve wracking and uncomfortable it is to go to an interview, but, I promise, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re going to look at three strategies to re-frame and prepare for an interview that will seal the deal and get you that job offer.

    More often than not, job …

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    Want to Stand Out? Surprise & Delight Your Audience!

    The purpose of your personal brand is to stand out.

    You want to differentiate yourself, be memorable and make their decision easy (“YES! We want to hire this guy!”)

    So, today is all about standing up and standing out. We’re about to learn the oh-so fun art of engaging your audience in a way that …

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    Replicate Dave’s Personal Branding Success!

    Have you wondered how you can translate your personal brand into a new job you love? Or how to leverage your personal brand for your organization? Or perhaps how to position yourself as an expert in your field?

    Dave Culter has successfully accomplished all of these things after being laid off and deciding to start-over …

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    Revolutionize Your Brand Easing Life of Your Audience

    Today I want to offer a simple reminder about your brand.

    At the end of every email you send, every phone call you make, every tweet you read is a fellow human being.

    And, as a fellow human being, they have a life. And stress. And an overwhelming to-do list… just like you do.

    Except …

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