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    4 Best Gifts for High-Value Clients

    “Thank you” is a powerful phrase, but it’s just that: a phrase. 

    You thank every customer for their business. When it comes to your most valuable clients, how can you communicate that extra level of appreciation? You could offer a discount on future purchases, but it’s easy to see that as a sales tactic. A …

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    6 Motivational Speaking Trends That You Want To Pay Attention To

    Whether you’re planning a small sales meeting with your team or preparing for a national conference, guest speakers need to stay aware of the latest trends to appear — and remain — innovative. More importantly, they need to be able to adapt to changing audience preferences and technologies to ensure their speeches are engaging and …

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    Customers Demand Cross Channel Conversations. Here’s How Brands Can Deliver

    Nine in 10 customers expect brands to provide a seamless experience across channels and devices, according to the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Right now, nearly 90 percent of customers think companies are failing at this endeavor. So how can brands send the right message, to the right person, on the right channel, at the …

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    The 7 Personal Branding Trends That Will Motivate Your Employees

    Personal brands matter to everyone, not just startup founders and public speakers. In the age of social media, every employee owns a unique personal brand, and most employees want to grow those brands to boost their careers.

    As the boss, you can help your team members accomplish that goal by providing the guidance and opportunities …

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