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    What Do Flint McGlaughlin and Coco Chanel Have in Common?

    Flint McGlaughlin is the Managing Director and CEO of MECLABS, an organization that conducts content and optimization experiments to improve the performance of sales and marketing programs.

    Coco Chanel, a pioneering French fashion designer, is considered one of the world’s most elegant women.

    So how can the two possibly be compared? Certainly, Flint is very …

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    Two Key Content Marketing and Social Media Ingredients

    Key Ingredient #1: Always remember that you are marketing to humans

    Spiro Pappadapolous is a speaker and consultant for restaurateurs and small business owners looking for ways to enhance their revenue through social media and emerging technologies.

    In a recent blog post, Spiro pointed out an important personal branding lesson:

    “You are marketing to humans.”…

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    Twitter and Facebook: Some New Stats, Tricks and Tips

    Twitter adoption has continued to increase at a steady pace, and Facebook is quickly becoming a key marketing tool. Here are some new Twitter stats (Pew Research), and some Facebook (All Facebook/Vendorshop) tricks and tips:


    In 7 months, overall Twitter adoption has increased by 5%. Twitter usage amongst all online adults had leapt to…
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    The Impact of Your Personal Brand

    Electronic word-of-mouth–in the form of high quality content, consistent recommendations, and continuously increasing network size–powers a great reputation and leads to a strong personal brand.

    Cheating the system to create an image

    For many years, people have tried to cheat the system by using paid tools for Twitter and LinkedIn to create the image of …

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    The Single Biggest Factor That Determines Success Today: Trust

    At first blush, it may sound a little silly–I mean, how can you compare a “soft issue” like trust to hardcore fiscal policies, new product offerings, and profitability?

    However, FranklinCovey provides extensive research, statistics, case studies and anecdotes that prove trust is a key driving force in today’s economy.

    FranklinCovey’s book and training workshops on …

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    The Online “You” is More Accessible Than Ever

    As technology exponentially progresses, more of our lives (including work) are being accessed through websites hosted by servers invisible to us.

    Apple’s recent iCloud announcements give further proof that the world is shifting to a cloud lifestyle model. Wondering when you’re going to start using “the cloud?” Guess what–you already are.

    The world is lifting…
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    The Cutest Cat Video on the Internet? Really?

    I’ll be brief.

    For whatever reason, there is an endless sea of cat videos on the Internet. Funny cats, mean cats, fighting cats, talking cats, captioned cats, and much, much more.

    So, out of the millions of often pointless cat videos–how does ONE stand out?

    Chances there are others who can do the same job…
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    A Cup Of Coffee To Giving Back

    Your brand is not just about your products and services--it’s about you, the person. It’s about what you have to offer that is unique from everyone else.

    What makes your brand special

    One thing that makes many brands special is the desire to help others, to give back in some way. But, it seems difficult …

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    A Cup Of Coffee To Unexpected Influencers

    Dr. Robert Cialdini has written many best-sellers, including Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Yes!: 50 Scientifically proven Ways to Be Persuasive, and Influence: Science and Practice. His purpose is to conduct and translate proven scientific research into ethical business applications.

    On his Influence at Work website, some interesting new findings on the level of an …

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    Branding Lessons From The Grateful Dead

    In a recent Deliver Magazine interview, David Meerman Scott expounded on a brand made famous by its distinctive sound, look and unorthodox business methodology: The Grateful Dead.

    Different way to engage

    Co-author of Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History, Scott said, “The Grateful …

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