Avoid Heartache by Speaking Up

Do you have the stamina for speaking up in regard to what’s on your mind? Or do you prefer to keep quiet and make the best of all situations?

A well-seasoned business professional suggested that when you continue to bite your lip, you eventually bleed. The bleeding comes from inside and it may be in the form of extreme aggravation that could well lead to health issues. When you feel strongly enough about a situation, it is within your right to try to salvage what you are able.

Moving forward, there are guidelines for speaking up that will increase your odds for being heard. The bigger vision is to seek a win for everyone involved. And the better approach is to ask questions rather than make strong statements, but do so kind-heartedly.

Your first step is to reflect on why an alarm rang loud and clear in your head. Examine the ramifications in regard to what just transpired. Next, consider your perspective and steps you might suggest that would produce a better result for all those involved.

Create and prioritize a list of possibilities as they relate to the better outcome for all participants. Should there be only one solution that truly stands out among the rest, examine it from all angles. Question yourself as to why this is the best route and the improved benefits that may be derived.

Once you fully understand the benefits of what you are requesting, you are then best positioned to present and negotiate your idea to those involved.

For example, should someone offer you an opportunity for an exciting joint venture but another on the team wants to kill the idea, it’s up to you to save the opportunity. Learn where the objections are coming from in order to fully address them and provide a satisfying solution. On occasion, you may not win but at least you win mentally knowing you have no regrets for not having tried. In the event you do make your case, and win, you step into your new role as a stronger leader.

Little wins eventually translate into bigger victories. Speaking up is the path that develops your leadership capabilities. As you determine the areas that attract the most interest and bring in the larger clientele, begin suggesting and implementing complementary venues.

Once your new venues prove successful, hiring others to assist you in growing business is mandated. Recognizing the process you went through to prevent heartache by speaking up, hire people who indicate they are of the same mindset. A diverse team offering multiple perspectives will provide the best opportunity to drive your business bigger and better than previously thought possible.

It will become evident that a thought collective produces bigger business, and bigger business brings about the need to broaden the original thought. Ask yourself, is it time to go on stage as a speaker; is it time to take your knowledge international; or might it be time to establish a 501C to further help communities in need?

Speaking up will lead you to the highly rewarding Smooth Sale!