Upon becoming an entrepreneur, I was advised to build my brand and to become as consistent as a box of cereal. Upon catching my attention, I immediately asked, “How do I build my brand?”

In my opinion, three elements are key for successfully building your brand:

1. Take some time to reflect back on your childhood up to current day.

Answer these questions:

What did others admire about you most?
What are you passionate about?
If you could accomplish anything, what would that be?

As you reflect on the past and daydream about the future, you will find a picture of the true you. Once you grasp that view, hold on to it and never let it go. Take it with you everywhere and apply to every endeavor. This is your brand and it will serve you well.

2. Consistency is a must.

Every new product or service you create must be complementary to the ones already in place and serve to support the marketing-communication theme of your business. When you undertake something that was “sold” to you as a good idea but turns out not to be consistent with who you are, you hurt your brand. Your leadership role is established when you adhere to consistency.

3. Prioritize opportunities coming your way.

I teach it is very important to say “Yes” to opportunity and then figure out how to implement. However, I have since found an exception to the rule. As you and your business become well known, an increased number of opportunities will find you.

It is close to impossible both financially and time-wise to take advantage of all of the proposed ideas coming at you. What should you do?

You now should proceed back to item #1 – reflect to prioritize the opportunities. Initially each one will be presented as a fabulous money-making opportunity, and one which will get you in front of even larger audiences than you already have. Yet you need to examine the profile of those intended new prospects and the motivation behind the program presented.

All of the factors must be in alignment with your brand, otherwise the said opportunity should go to the bottom of your list. Your words, actions and deeds must be synchronous and consistent for brand awareness and for you to be remembered and referred!