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  • Branding: Another Way To Make Your Resume Stand Out

    Improve Resume Response. Whenever you deliver your resume by more than one communication medium, it improves your hit ratio. With e-mail the standard, most managers get far less traditional mail than they used to, now only the most important business communications are committed to print. When you send a resume and cover letter by e-mail and also send one by traditional mail, you at least double the chances of getting that resume read.

    Consistency is everything

    Contrarian Thinking. Doing something different from the herd, makes you stand out. This means that the idea of print-based communication in your job search (and beyond) deserves proper attention as an integral part of establishing your professional brand. It’s different enough to make you stand out and it sits on a real desktop longer than an email sits on the screen.

    Quality. The paper you use reflects the importance you attach to the message and makes an impression on the reader.  All the office supply superstores carry superior quality matching paper and envelopes for resumes.

    Coordination. The color of your paper and envelopes should match: a white cover letter with a cream resume demonstrates lack of attention to detail and detracts from the brand statement you are trying to make; white, cream, and pale gray are best for business communications. Do not use pastel shades unless your job involves caring interaction (for example working with the very young), when your color choice can reflect the educational and empathetic sensitivities that are relevant in such professions.

    Consistency is everything. Your letterhead should use the same contact information and fonts as your resume. If you used a different font for the body copy of your resume, your letters will reflect that same font. All subsequent follow-up letters, after interviews for example, should be on the same matching paper and envelopes, using the same matching fonts, consistent font sizes and layout. This defines a professional with evolved communication skills, and someone who proceeds with intent and attention to detail in his or her professional.

    Differentiate the message

    Important business communications. A carefully packaged print dimension for your job search, complementing but not replacing email, can become a powerfully expressive component of your brand. It’s an idea that has impact for all important business communications: when you don’t want your message lost in the noise, it’s a smart way to differentiate that message and your brand.


    Martin Yate (CPC) is the author of Knock em Dead The Ultimate Job Search Guide, a NY Times bestseller updated annually for 24 years.  He’s been in career management  for 34 years: Silicon Valley Headhunter and VP with the seminal and feared Executek, Director of HR for Bell Industries Computer Memory Division, Director of Training and Development for Dunhill . Martin believes that change is your future, branding is critical, but no one has ever taught you how to navigate this stuff.

    Martin Yate CPC, the guy who writes the New York Times Bestselling Knock 'em Dead job search and career management books, has 34 years of experience in career management, and the knowledge to match. The 62 foreign language editions of his work speak to the global relevance of his advice. Connect with Martin on LinkedIn or Twitter to stay up to date with the best career advice out there.

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